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A piece of furniture like a side table is something that often goes unnoticed, lingering there in the background, serving its purpose well but ultimately going unappreciated, throughout the home. A sad truth that many of us perhaps don't even realise ourselves—as we preamble past, gracing it's nice finished surfaces with a smattering of keys—but let's take a moment to value a most useful piece of furniture now, with a selection of slightly more striking and innovative designs that are sure to grab the attention of your friends, family and guests.

From a mixture of designers, extending out of all corners of the world, we present to you a selection of new, cutting edge and outright stylish side tabels to put you in the mood for a touch of refurnishing around your home and hopefully put you one step closer to creating a more than admirable finish to that dream you've been aspiring to…

The modernist

Robot Side table &New BedroomBedside tables

Robot Side table


For those into modernist forms, we give you this stand alone piece from British design studio &New. Used here in a bedside scene, the side-table definitely does its job of being a subject of poignant stance within the room. Indeed, this model could be implemented within many areas of the home, including a study or office, living room, dining room or kitchen, and look a treat.

The vintage

Tukang Vintage Sideboard - Green puji Living roomCupboards & sideboards

Tukang Vintage Sideboard—Green


An ever popular trend of the current time is vintage. And who can blame those who favour the style? The keen lines and rugged looks of furniture is certainly a pleasing and homely look to have about the place and pieces like this one from London designers Puji, add an excellent display medium for anything that sits upon or inside them.

The industrialist

A rather quirky but unique lamp/side-table that sits upon fixed chains, offering up the top  of the table like a pedestal, and allowing a hard light to become non-intrusive and, to an extent, playful, contributing a pattern of shadow through the chains themselves. French designers Bes Art are the producers of this piece and it would, without doubt, contribute effectively to an appropriate industrial setting and be a good talking point for any visitors to your home. 

The romantic

Those who thrive off a little classic romanticism would benefit from a raunchy number such as this side table, set in this Italian bedroom scene. Plush pillows and other upholstry really do chime in well, when in collaboration with  flawless piece. 

The mobile

For those of you after a more multi purpose piece, this mobile side table/trolley cart would definately help to make those aspirations a reality. You could use a piece like this as a side table to house a lamp, books and jewellery and/or simply wheel it into the dining room with plates of grub on it, use it about the art studio for paints and materials, or as a mobile bar! Who could say no to that?

The architect

A stylish piece to top off this run down of great looking side tables—implementing a functional and sleek form, like this, into any office or bedroom would be a good move for anyone who likes a structural approach for their interior!

And there we have it, side tables to drool at the mouth for. If you have liked any of the products or work in this ideabook feel free to contact the appropriate expert by clicking on their picture and following the links, or going straight to their homify profile via the links below this text!

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