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A chic and compact Hong Kong apartment

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Today at homify we will explore the interior architecture of a compact apartment in Hong Kong. The home is located in Double Cove and its best features are a series of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors. It isn't exactly tiny, but with a floor space of 50m2, it still requires a smart use of space. Either way, this project certainly offers a plethora of ideas for the small home owner. But the most appealing elements in this home are the bespoke furniture and fine finishes. This is a home with a lot of comfort and quiet efficiency. Finally, the architects at Arctitude Design believe that natural light is the most essential part of the interior space, with this approach evident in the way they have orientated the layout. It's better to explain in photos, so come on a photo tour to learn more…

Smart use of space

The home is furnished with grey built-in cabinets that make the most of every inch of space. They also run from wall to wall to create lots of unbroken lines of sight and make the small apartment feel spacious. Within this one room, we also have a very efficient division of the living, dining area and kitchen. We love how the casual dining table has been specially built to wrap around the corner of the kitchen. This frees up the main walkway and makes smart use of the small space. The dining bench also has built in shelves and striking grey pendant lights. These define the eating area without eating up floor space and give the home subtle style.

Slick grey kitchen

The grey kitchen has a very slick and modern look. The kitchen may be relatively small, but the generous proportions of the cabinets make the kitchen appear larger than it might. But what makes this kitchen so striking is the seamless continuity of the surfaces. The upper kitchen cabinet has a slight curve that blends beautifully into the wall, the cabinet doors have no handles and the steel grey splashback completes the continuous effect.

Great open-plan layout

In small homes, many people place the furniture right up against the walls, but here we have another alternative. By placing the sofa in the middle of the room, the designers have created a small walkway for the bathroom and bedroom. It also means that the occupants face the large windows. This encourages the occupant to look out beyond the boundaries of the small home and makes it feel larger. Also, note how there are no furnishings blocking the light from entering the main living area.

Bespoke built-in furniture

We had a quick look at the built-in furniture earlier, but let's have a closer look at this bespoke built-in cabinet. It has a series of open and closed units that create the opportunity for decorations, while allowing the occupant lots of room to hide away clutter. This unit also has a central open bench that could easily be used to accommodate a pop out desk space. Finally, note the tiny little round wooden coffee tables. They barely take up any space at all!

Subdued colour scheme

The subdued colour scheme has been continued throughout the home. This gives the bedroom in particular a fresh, modern appeal. The bedroom also has a smaller version of the soft grey pendant lights we saw in the kitchen. It's interesting to see how they have used this pendant light to create the impression of a bedside table. It has been teamed with a grey wooden chair and the total effect is beautifully simple. It's also very functional because the chair can be used when guests arrive and the light doesn't take up any precious floor space at all!

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What do you think of the layout of the living room in this small home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments field below.
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