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An attic is one of those spaces in the house that's filled with mystery and charm and maybe even harbours a few secrets. As such, you simply don't pass up an opportunity to live in one. There are a ton of 'grown-up' perks to it too: skylights flooding the space with light, for example or the fact that you don't need to splurge on curtains. Not to mention that in most cases an attic offers great views of the both the city and the night sky! Plus, being on the very top of a building means there are many interesting architectural elements here.

If you hadn't guessed already, today's home is a stunner of an attic space that's been designed by the Polish-based Superpozycja Architects. They have managed to use every square metre of the apartment and turn it into a functional, organised and beautiful space. The end result is a stylishly cosy apartment that you simply cannot take your eyes away from!

Lofty living

From this angle, you can see the living room on the right, and the kitchen and the adjacent dining space straight ahead. The architects opted for an open-plan living space that would utilise the space well and make it look airy and non-constricting, an important point to keep in mind when designing your loft.

Notice how the L-shaped sofa fits perfectly under the slanted attic windows—even the kitty approves! The wooden beams have been smartly incorporated into the design by using it as the separator between the kitchen and living space. 

The furniture has been kept cool, neutral and minimal because, after all, when you have light flooding in like that, you want it to bounce off of your walls and accessories, not get swallowed by darker colours. 

Maximising space

This here is the view from the dining space next to the kitchen. You can see again how no space has been wasted; every corner of the house has been put to good use. 

The white-painted exposed brick wall adds a slightly grungy appeal to the otherwise minimalistic apartment while the wooden beams break up the monotony of the neutral colour palette. Note how the brick wall also divides the entry from the other areas and creates a tiny hallway!

Organised, small spaces

Who said reading and entertainment areas cannot be merged in one nook! Making the most out of the space available to them, the architects have created a cosy little area that is away from the general living room and provides for a nice spot to relax and catch up on your reading (or watching TV, whichever catches your fancy!).

The exposed brick wall is retained here and creates the same rustic appeal that is offset by modern elements like the Eames DSW-style chairs and that funky modern chandelier. If you're looking for ideas, speak to our experts who will guide through the process.

Spa-like calm

It's always a blessing to have ample space for the bathroom. This is one of our favourite areas in the apartment (it was hard to whittle it down!) especially so as it seamlessly blends modern design with rustic flourishes. The wall tiling and flooring have been done in cool grey stone that immediately imparts an air of spa-like calm while the driftwood ups the unique factor. 

A glass frame separates the bathroom from the shower area (which has been painted in black) while still maintaining a sense of fluidity throughout the space. 

Reading nook

An extension of the reading and entertainment area, this cosy nook doubles up as a sort of study. The ideal study room should be well-organised, comfortable and free of distractions to increase productivity. This of course doesn't translate into boring. Here, the architects have crafted a whimsical little space full with blackboard walls and fairy lights. The seating area also doubles up as a storage space. Tiny nooks and alcoves such as this don't have to be empty space, instead it can be used productively. 

If you haven't had your fill of minimal yet cosy small spaces, check out The amazing 50m2 apartment.

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