7 incredible open-plan layouts to copy

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What's not to love about open-plan homes? They evoke and exude a sense of comfort and liveability. They maximise space, by providing a flow of movement and cohesive movement. And finally, they are contemporary, designed for the modern-day family, who require practicality, versatility and efficiency.

Designing an open-plan abode can be a fabulous way to create an airy and roomy aesthetic within your dwelling—with the added benefit of looking and feeling commodious and expansive. If you are considering refurbishing your house or apartment and want to include an open plan layout, then you have come to the right place. 

We’ve found 7 incredible floor plans to copy, which are sure to improve the overall feeling, atmosphere and air within your space. Read on below to learn more!

1. Compact yet sophisticated

When we think of compact homes, especially the open-plan variety, we often think of cosy areas lacking a sense of sophistication. However, this room proves us wrong by effectively combining each essential domestic zone in a sleek, liveable and versatile manner. 

2. Japanese minimalism

Japanese homes have long been a design innovator when it comes to working with awkward-shaped homes, or difficult spaces. In this example we see a beautiful open-plan living, dining and kitchen setup, which is poised to make like easier and more enjoyable for the family that occupies the space. 

3. Tiny but still open and airy

Living in Hong Kong means residing in a small and often cramped apartment. However, an open-plan interior can help alleviate some of the stress related to minute and minuscule homes. 

This example brings a mezzanine into the mix, while creating an all-white interior scheme, bursting with potential. 

4. The penthouse suite

On the other end of the scale, this large and commodious apartment oozes penthouse luxury and opulence. With a wonderful open plan aestehtic, this room imparts a feeling of grandeur, lavishness and comfort. 

5. Making the most of levels

Stepping it up a notch, this house takes open plan to a whole new level (literally!). Utilising space efficiently, the architects and designers have added a gallery living space that looks down over the kitchen and dining areas. 

6. Unbelievably open and expansive

Next up we are taking a look at a Hong Kong-designed Phuket home that redefines our open-plan expectations. It doesn't get much more luxurious than this home, which takes a huge space and give each domestic zone plenty of space to move and breathe. 

As an added benefit, we adore the large sliding doors that bring the outside 'inside' and allow a symbiosis with the exterior environment. 

7. Industrial chic

Finally, yet no less impressively, we arrive at our seventh open-plan interior space. Brimming with an industrial edginess and a sense of chic attitude. Replete with a host of different timber tones, and a kitchen island on wheels, this well-combined room is spacious, enjoyable, and most of all welcoming!

What did you think of those open-plan interior spaces? Did you see any you might copy for your own abode? If you need some more interior inspiration, check out: 8 of the best Hong Kong homes

What do you love (or loathe!) about open plan living? Let us know by adding a comment below!

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