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Once upon a time, bungalows were the 'it' thing in Germany. Everyone and their aunts and uncles studiously saved up to build their ever-after home. The style was generally uniform—mostly flat-roofed, single-storeyed homes. This was back in the 60s and 70s though. That soon gave way to more practical solutions such as apartments. But if current trends are anything to go by, it would seem that that old trend is making a comeback (much like those hippie/hipster sunnies and high-waisted jeans). And like every recycled trend, it needs to have a makeover of sorts in order to appeal to modern sensibilities! Cut a long story short, that is essentially the story behind the house we're exploring today.

A relic from the 60s, the bungalow today looks nothing like its erstwhile version. Designed by 4plus5, it has received a stylish and modern facelift, both outside and inside. Dive in!

Sleek finish

Now that's a house that is going to draw a lot of second glances! Being located in a safe neighbourhood, there was no need for any elaborate and foreboding fencing. There is simply a miniature bridge-like crossing from the pavement into the house.

While at first glance it may seem like an overwhelming amount of grey, the architects diffuse that by playing with textures: the concrete 'bridge', the stone-strewn wing and the metal-clad facade all create a balanced visual element. Not to mention the reflective surfaces that break the monotony on the facade itself.

Extra storage space

When the architects took on the renovation project here, they had a bit of a dilemma: the family living here were not going to temporarily move out. So they had to work in a piecemeal fashion, which would not entirely disrupt the lives of the owners. Tall order, but they did manage. 

One of the first areas they focused on was the hallway (then the kitchen and the bathroom, which we'll come to shortly). Since storage was an issue for the owners, the architects opted to incorporate a floor-to-ceiling closet here that also acts a stand-in wall and breaks up an area that would otherwise have had no organised purpose. 

White on grey

In lieu of a living room, the architects opted for this communal space that you see as soon as you walk in through the door. The stool on the right looks out onto the kitchen (almost like a cosy bar!) while the bench on the right provides more seating room for family and guests. 

We love how the grey flooring nicely offsets the white walls, ceilings and all the furniture creating a sleek and minimal look that is modern in its appeal. Speak to our tilers who can give you an idea about the logistics involved here. 

Small, efficient kitchen

The sleek, modern kitchen is pretty much located right next to the entrance but since the area is separated by a high ledge with a seat, there is a clear demarcation. It's an interesting design element—one that you have come to expect in restaurants where you get an immediate peek into the kitchen—which works like a charm here. 

The kitchen itself has only a limited space but you'd hardly notice, thanks to the smart design. There is plenty of storage space and enough room for movement.

Elegant bathroom

Those of you who are despairing with the size of your bathroom, look at this and rejoice. Here's a great example of what can be done with a narrow bathroom if only one puts his mind to good use. 

Since the architects were working with limited space, they created one long slab with a sink and an end-to-end mirror both of which creates the illusion a bigger area. That is further helped by the skylight and that lovely focus wall to the right. Investing your money in the high-quality materials right from the word get-go can save you a lot of heartache later on. 

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