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The BIGGEST small bathroom mistakes to avoid!

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Small bathrooms are notoriously tricky to decorate. Anyone familiar with the basics of design knows that it's important to take a simple approach. But even with this in mind, it's far too easy to create a decorating disaster in the bathroom. Simple and adventurous designs can be just as problematic when you're dealing with such a small space. There just isn't a lot of room to take a step in the wrong direction. So what are the decorating disasters to avoid when it comes to small bathrooms? Well, here at homify we have compiled a list of the biggest and most common decorating mistakes. Come with us to learn more…

1. Don't paint the ceiling a dark colour

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If you are about to paint your ceiling a different colour, put down that brush! It's best to keep the bathroom ceiling unified with the rest of the colour scheme. Lighter colours or even white usually work best. If the walls are white, the eye will move seamlessly throughout the space and make the small bathroom feel large. This is a particularly important tip to follow if you have low or oddly-shaped areas.

2. Keep the floor space clear

It's easy enough to fall in love with tempting bathroom accessories and furniture, but don't clutter up the floor space with too much stuff. Sure, we all need storage, but consider ways to mount things on the wall. Even the washbasin should be mounted to the wall. The bit of out of the way floor space beneath a sink doesn't seem like a big deal, but it will gobble up an awful lot of visual space and make the bathroom feel small.

3. Decorate the empty walls

Simple is best, of course. But this doesn't mean the walls of your small bathroom should be empty. A smart little bathroom should not ever feel clinical. The walls are really the place to add decorative accents to the bathroom. Just make sure they are simple and fit into the overall decor. In this bathroom, the pictures on the wall add a big visual punch without actually taking up too much space at all. They are small and accentuated by the gorgeous chocolate wall and the larger mirrors on opposing walls.

3. Don't forget the small pops of colour

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A small space really needs a bit of pizzazz. While it's often best to start with a light or neutral base—but don't forget to add small pops of colour. They will liven up the design and add a whole lot of interest. Consider adding a few fresh flowers in a vase or some hardy plants in a coloured pot. This is a quick and effective way of mixing up the colour theme. Perhaps you could mix it up on occasion to keep things interesting!

5. Look beyond an all-white bathroom

Don't be too scared to bring in colour and patterns. Just be judicial about the sizes and balance them against a larger, neutral base. A classic white sink will often work well against some coloured tiles or chequered wallpaper.

6. Take the tiles all the way to the ceiling

Don't skimp on shower tiles. A tile line that ends halfway up the wall will often visually divide the bathroom in half and make it look small. Consider adding tiles that run all the way up to the ceiling. This will draw the eye upwards and make the bathroom feel large. Don't forget—fewer large transitions and contrasts make for a spacious feeling bathroom.

7. Shower doors are not meant for small bathtubs

Opt for a shower curtain instead of a shower door. A door may fold outwards, but it doesn't really clear the space like a shower curtain pushed to the side. If this has you rethinking your whole bathroom layout, perhaps you could consult a bathroom designer.

8. Don't neglect the mirror

The bathroom mirror is perhaps the most powerful tool for opening up a small bathroom—so don't make it small! Make it as large as possible. Have it run from wall to wall and look at the possibilities of setting up mirrors on opposing walls. Don't forget, a mirror can also be used to double the effects of your lights.

If you want to see how it's done right, check out 10 amazing bathrooms to copy.

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