The brilliant transformation of a family apartment

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무회건축연구소 Modern study/office
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Seoul is a smart and dazzling city with examples of ultramodern architecture dotting its iconic skyline. So naturally, home makeovers here are chic and sensible affairs that focus on the comfort and functionality of an abode, without losing sight of aesthetics. The transformation of this apartment, undertaken by the architects at Ashless Institute of Architecture, is one such example that we will explore today. With faded walls and nondescript floors, the residence was wholly uninviting. It required some urgent repairs too. But, post-renovation, the same apartment is a design marvel, with bolder and more refreshing interiors, the lavish use of wood, and sleek no-fuss furnishing. Find out how this was achieved in more detail…

Before: uninspiring interiors

The interior of the house looked typical and monotonous with faded and ageing walls. The floor offered zero visual interest, and appeared run-off-the-mill.

Before: dated living room

The living room leads to a large, airy and sunny balcony which is definitely a major highlight of the apartment. But the entire stretch of space looked boring and could be utilised better. The owners also wanted to control the amount of sunlight flooding the living area, so that it could become a resting spot in the afternoons. As well as this, the decorative panel on the ceiling looked dated and drab by modern standards.

After: smart and elegant space

With large black tiles now lining the floor and a beautiful wood and glass door separating it from the balcony, the revamped living space looks extremely stylish. Frosted glass for the door allows sufficient privacy for those inside, while the wood-lined ceiling exudes a cosy and welcoming aura like never before. The simple floor-to-ceiling shelf on the left is a highly utilitarian addition, and can be used to both store or display knick-knacks. Not to forget, the freshly painted white walls add to the brand new look of the apartment.

After: visually delightful floor

Did you have any idea that a simple change in flooring could work such wonders for an apartment? Here, a break in vision has been created between the living room and the balcony with a difference in floor material. Intense black tiles lead you to warm wooden planks, encouraging an appreciation of texture and tone. As you open the living room door, you get an absolute panoramic view of the city as the sun lightly touches the wooden floor.

After: sleek and contemporary dining room

The new dining room has been harmoniously placed between the kitchen and living room. It has been exclusively designed keeping in mind the personality and requirements of the family. The dining area has been subtly separated from the living room with raised wooden flooring, while the seating arrangement has been made comfortable for the family to enjoy hearty meals together. The combination of a dark-coloured dining table and light wooden flooring with similar structures accentuates the beauty of the space.

After: the intelligent children’s room

This room is perfect for the children in this family to play, sleep, and study. A raised wooden platform with railing acts as a play area for the kids, while the large shelving unit offers space to study, listen to music or simply daydream. The same unit offers a cosy place to sleep at the top too, which the kids can climb up to reach. With bright lighting and dark contrasting floor tiles, this children’s room is loaded with fun.  

So you see how a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality has been achieved through the makeover of this Korean apartment. Here’s another before & after story to give you more ideas: The dazzling transformation of an empty home.

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