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Little sleeping rooms: 9 fantastic ideas

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We all know that the bedroom is an intimate part of your home. But when you're a little short on floor space, sometimes it can get a little too intimate! If this is an issue in your small home, then you'll love the mini bedroom ideas we'll explore today. Some show us how the classic rules can make the most of a small bedroom while others might just inspire you to create a little guest bedroom. Whatever your preference, we're sure you'll find something helpful here today. So welcome to 9 fantastic proposals for a great small bedroom…

1. The basics

 Terrace by cs

Perfecto para dos


We admit, this one isn't exactly ground-breaking, but it's important to remember the basics when furnishing a small space. A white decor is often a good choice because it will make a small home feel bright and airy. Team this with carefully selected furnishings and you're on the way to a great little bedroom or sleeping space.

2. Bed between cabinets

This little bedroom has been wedged between two tall storage cabinets. It looks unbelievably cosy and even has some built-in bookshelves. Note the slide out drawers on the left that turn into steps!

3. Sleeping platform and sofa in one

modern Study/office by 마르멜로디자인컴퍼니

단차를 이용한 서재공간의 활용


We're a little bit in love with sleeping platforms at the moment. They're a really good choice for those with one-room apartments of modest height. They subtly separate the space and can easily be used as sofas during the day.

4. Multifunctional bedside tables

Side tables or nightstands are often the first things to go in a small bedroom. So we love this set up. Hanging lights provide a stylish focus without taking up floor space. The spare chairs on either side are certainly put to good use. Wall mounted tables are also another good alternative. This interior comes to us courtesy of photographers Ayuko Studio.

5. Sleeping loft

Sleeping lofts are a fantastic choice for a small bedroom. This little example fits snugly in the corner and has a very stylish rustic look. Seeing as it's tucked into the corner and well away from busy walkways, it could even be mounted a little lower on the wall.

6. Fold-out bed and sofa on wheels

minimalistic Bedroom by MINBAI

Cama rebatible + biblioteca


Fold-out beds have been around for a long time. But many people are wary of the hassle of packing the bed and moving the sofa in place during the day. Consider the benefits of a sofa on wheels. It'll make the whole process far easier.

7. Nesting tables

scandinavian Bedroom by Ayuko Studio
Ayuko Studio

Our photoshoot of apartment design by JT Grupa Architects 2

Ayuko Studio

If you do have the space for a small side table, a table with a round shape will shave off inches of unused space. A set of nesting tables is a really fabulous way to double the space as well!

8. A headboard with side shelves

minimalistic Bedroom by Ayuko Studio
Ayuko Studio

Our photoshoot of apartment design by Tatemono Architects

Ayuko Studio

This bedroom isn't particularly small, but the headboard and bookshelf in one would be perfect for a small sleeping room. It can be accessed from the side and makes the perfect place to hide away all your clutter.

9. A side table and dresser in one

colonial Bedroom by Ayuko Studio
Ayuko Studio

Our photoshoot of apartment located in Warsaw

Ayuko Studio

This tiny colourful sleeping area has a side table and dresser in one. It's jammed right up against the bed but it really doesn't matter. It just adds to the quirky look of this little bedroom. 

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Would you like to try any of these tiny sleeping solutions? Which is your favourite?
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