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9 amazing Asian interior ideas to copy

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Asian interior designs are known throughout the world for being serene, harmonious and incorporating the ideals of nature. But they are so much more than that. Obviously there is a huge myriad of influences that make up this style, so we won't dare to whittle it down to one general theme. Let's just say that there's a hugely rich tapestry of historical and cultural influences to draw upon. This means there's plenty of inspiration to be found as well! So, if you love Asian-style interiors, come with us to explore some of our favourite design features. Here are 9 amazing Asian interior ideas copy!

1. Hong Kong home with backlit antique screen

Hong Kong interiors are known for their unique mix of old and new. In this sense, the bedroom here is very typical of the style. The headboard is made with antique Asian screens and it's illuminated with lights. Just trap some lights behind plexi-glass to create this kind of diffuse ambient light.

2. Courtyard pool

This Japanese home has a courtyard pool enclosed by glass walls on three sides. This little pool doesn't just create a play area for children, it also adds to the natural ambience of the interiors as well.

3. A Japanese light well

Japanese interior architects are often seeking new ways to live large in dense urban environments. In this home, the architects have created a very private living room with a false wall on one side. It catches the light from a glass wall that overlooks the neighbouring home and helps bounce it around the room. It obviously helps with privacy as well.

4. Hanging Indian seat

This palatial Indian home has a typically Indian colour scheme. It's rich, earthy and the highly polished stone floor makes it a little bit flamboyant. It also has an indoor swinging seat for two.

5. Indonesian painted bamboo

Bamboo is such an important part of Asian-style interiors we would be remiss to exclude it from our list. While it was once known as the poor man's wood, bamboo has undergone a revival. Just look at how it's been used in this Indonesian interior. The bamboo has been painted white and the rustic shape has been used to add a natural texture to this room.

6. Japanese drop seating

Western style seating may have crept its way into Asian society, but it's still going strong in some modern Japanese homes. Just check out this dining room. It has drop-style seating so diners can enjoy their meal while sitting cross-legged or with their feet dangling into the space below.

7. Oversized bamboo lampshades

Asian-style interiors often have big, bold lampshades. These can give a home a really casual, tropical feel. For a really authentic rustic look, use some natural materials and white shade cloths.

8. High-gloss Chinese colour scheme

Embrace the dramatic style of a Chinese-style interior. This is a style defined by high gloss finishes and splashy contrasts of gold and black. Then finish the look with some oversized artworks or sculptures.

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