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Kuloğlu Orman Ürünleri Modern style bedroom
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If you like classic old-world homes, you'll love the prefabricated timber home we'll explore today! The creators, Turkish joiners Kuloglu, have built the home with a classic peaked roof, a wraparound veranda and an old-style shingle roof. The home also has a layout as simple as a child's drawing. In some ways, the interior is reminiscent of an old country and western film. There is little artifice or extraneous detailing and instead, we have a very simple, warm interior that looks incredibly cosy. Of course, the wall-to-ceiling timber interiors have a lot to do with that! So, without further ado, come with us for a gentle country-style tour of this very special timber home…

Wraparound veranda

The single-level home is almost entirely constructed in wood. The wrap-around veranda really defines the exterior and places it squarely within the country-style. This outdoor entertaining area is a very important part of the home and doubles as an entrance area as well. It provides place for old and young to socialise, and would form the perfect site on which to enjoy a lovely natural view.

Classic peaked roof

The peaked roof is another important feature in this home. There is no attic space and the gentle slope of this roof gives the interiors a lot of character and charm. From this view of the exterior, we can also see the modestly sized windows. These are simply designed to allow lots of light to penetrate the interior. Let's have a look inside…

Cosy living room

We love the cosy living room. The floors, walls and ceilings have all been fitted out with a seamless expanse of timber panels. The natural variations in the timber and the random knots in the wood are the true stars in this interior. The dramatic pitch of the peaked roof draws further attention to the beauty of this natural material. Otherwise, the living room is simply furnished. There is an old-style rocking chair and a simple and modern modular sofa.

Timber kitchen

The timber kitchen here lies adjacent to the living room we saw a moment ago. It is a L-shaped kitchen and follows the existing lines in the room. The cabinets are also made from wood and it blends perfectly into the rustic decor. Note the scattering of glass cabinet doors. They lighten up the kitchen a little.

Serene country-style bedroom

This country-style bedroom is just about the simplest we've seen. It has twin beds and small white stool that has been repurposed to act as a side table. Despite the utter lack of ornamentation, this bedroom is utterly serene. This is due to the calming colour scheme and the neutral effect of wall-to-ceiling wood. Also, note how well the bright, transparent white curtain works when set against the pale wooden walls.

Quality materials and finishes

Here we have a better view of the refined joinery techniques used in the veranda of this home. This home has few traditional luxuries, but it has an abundance of natural luxury. Here is proof that quality materials and craftsmanship can really define the look and feel of a home!

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