8 fresh tips for growing herbs in your kitchen

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As far as indoor gardens go, planting herbs in the kitchen is one of the most popular options. Herbs are truly one of the best of Mother Nature’s frondescent creations—they are wonderfully bright, full of life and to top it off, you can eat them. Not simply a way to kick-start your gastronomic endeavours, a kitchen herb setup can impart stylish décor and design attributes that add to the overall enjoyment of your space. 

Luckily, no home or kitchen area is too small to host a lush and effective herb garden. To get you started, we’ve collated 8 different ideas that are sure to help you along the way. So, read on below and begin planning your new stylish spice and herb space now!

1. Brighten your neutral kitchen colour scheme

Growing herbs in the kitchen not only improves your ability to cook delicious food, but also brightens a neutral colour scheme. If your cooking space is muted or lacking colour, try adding some herbs and watch the area transform.

2. Hanging planters save space

One of the biggest issues when attempting to grow plants in the kitchen is often the lack of space. Look beyond typical planters and choose something that can be hung from the wall, or even magnetised to a chalkboard wall!

3. Keep your herbs ready to be eaten

When growing and cultivating herbs in your kitchen you want to ensure they are in a place that can be easily harvested, added to dishes and eaten. Choose a pot that can be moved around the cooking space, as well as shifted to the dining table, for individuals to pluck leaves and garnish their own dish.

4. Plant in crates

Timber crates make an excellent addition to the kitchen, and can be used not only to store essentials in a stylish fashion, but also to plant herbs. For added style, hang them on the wall and create a green space.

5. Check the lighting

Lighting is crucial to the success of your indoor herb plants. If you are unable to keep them on a window ledge for direct sunlight, you might want to invest in an artificial light that will provide sufficient illumination for happy, healthy herbs.

6. Simple and sophisticated

In this example we see that the designers have placed the herbs in hanging pots. These are handy and within reach, while still providing a burst of energy and life within the room.

7. A bright wall garden is perfect for the kitchen

Although this example is located outside, a similar setup could easily be implemented within the home. Green walls look fabulous, add energy to an interior space, and provide a purifying ambience. Additionally, your herbs can be planted with blooming flowers to further a sense of life and vivacity.

8. Don't forget to dry your herbs and spices!

Finally, we take a look at drying herbs. In order to make your plants last the distance regular pruning is essential. Invest in a smart storage system, such as the example above, and embrace delicious food, from your skilled indoor gardening.

We hope these tips provide a few tips to help you grow your kitchen's herbs! If you would like to see more, check out: 8 balcony makeovers you need to see

Do you have any helpful hints to impart? Leave your tips below!

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