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If you're looking to ogle at an aspirational home where you can obsess over every tiny detail, you've come to just the right place. Lovers of minimalism, you might as well turn away right now. The house in the spotlight today is an example of maximalism done right; a farmhouse that employs bold strokes and takes big risks in a way that gives the term rustic a new shade. 

Designed by Amazing Studio, this lavish pad in Moscow is crafted almost entirely of wood and stone, sticking to the general characteristics of a standard farmhouse while imbuing it with luxurious details that wouldn't seem out of place in a stately country house. Each room has a slightly different look and feel to it, thanks to the blending of styles, but it is all tied together by the wooden log walls that gives the space a distinct cabin-in-the-woods vibe. But we'll let the pictures speak for themselves, well almost…

A stunning first look

Right from the outset, by which we mean the facade, you get a sense of the opulence that awaits you inside. The facade is an amplified (x 100) version of a log cabin, one in which many minute details come together to create a cohesive and balanced whole. The surfaces are built almost entirely with hardwood, but by giving it a glossy finish, the end result is a more polished and streamlined look. 

Other details, such as the stone foundation, the wrought-iron stairway and balustrade, the purple roof and those striking long windows, all jostle for attention.

Vintage living room

This rustic living room is a carefully curated space that reflects the owners personal aesthetics and subsequently, there is no particular blueprint that is followed here. The wooden walls and ceilings impart the space with an instant warmth while the numerous accessories afford it its character. From the cowhide rug to the maritime wheel, the living room is filled with interesting conversation starters. By opting for designer furniture such as the modern Victorian-style couches, the architects ensured that the living room had more than a touch of elegance and glamour to it.  

A shabby chic kitchen

The kitchen in this stately home is one of its striking spaces—filled with old-world sophistication and a charming country feel. This is where the family congregates and so it was important to give it a warm, cosy vibe, especially in a city like Moscow where the temperatures go way below sub-zero. 

While wood is again the predominant material here, white elements and marble make their appearance felt. The room is anchored by the six-seater dining table that has an ornate leafy chandelier hanging overhead, not to forget the painted-over wooden beams on the ceiling. The foliage theme (if you hadn't guessed that already) continues in the kitchen where it appears throughout painted onto ceramic tiles. 

A dreamy bedroom

Is there anything more romantic than a four-poster bed? Here you see an antique version of it, and instead of billowing muslin curtains, the designers chose a red-and-white canvas that hangs gently over the bed. With its vintage furniture and use of rich colours, the bedroom has a decidedly Renaissance-era feel to it, which may seem out of place in a standard farmhouse, but fits right in to this eclectic home. 

If you are dreaming of a romantic bedroom like this and want to replicate it, speak to our design experts.

Mix and merge

In the bathroom is where things get really wacky, if that's an acceptable word in this context! We love the idea of housing the vanity (two of them even!) within a vintage dresser—why didn't we think of that before! Also, note the different backgrounds for each zone. The area behind the vanity has a wall of tiles attached to the log wall while the shower stall is wrapped by zany black-and-white horizontal tiles. And once again, wood ties the space together. 

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What do you think of this eclectic-style farmhouse?

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