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11 simple steps to a sophisticated apartment

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Sophisticated interiors make a statement; they're elegant, refined and evoke an air of maturity throughout an abode. For these reasons, it's no wonder many individuals desire this polished and well-designed ambience for their home. However, achieving this can feel tricky, challenging and problematic at times. To make everything a little easier we’ve gathered our top 11 tips that we believe will impart an air of sophistication, easily and with minimal fuss.

If you're looking to alter your interior aesthetic and employ a distinguished, cultured and graceful look, continue reading and start redecorating today!

1. Up your home office design game!

If there is one area of the home that oozes sophistication, it’s your home office. Ensure the room is neat and tidy, free from clutter, and if possible opt for a central desk with chairs on either side.

2. Choose your furniture carefully

Avoid overstuffed furniture, or items that might appear a little too casual for your space. Look at functional pieces, and always opt for items that are timeless yet eye-catching. However, avoid anything gaudy at all costs.

3. Look at your colour palette

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A sophisticated colour palette is subtle yet dramatic, and evokes its desired aesthetic with minimal fuss. Think neutrals, whites, muted tones and earthy contrast. Don’t be afraid to add an attention-grabbing statement hue, but avoid anything that will date or age unsympathetically.

4. Don't overcrowd your space

Clutter is the enemy of sophistication. Hide the junk, re-order the accessories, and keep your space minimal and mess free. If you need assistance with your interior design, chat to a professional via the homify website, and get your home refurbished expertly!

5. Incorporate built-in or modular furniture

In certain areas of the home, modular furniture actually works extremely well, and can add that sophisticated air and ambience you are looking for.

6. Choose a statement piece for each room

If you are limited with your redecorating budget, choose one statement item for each room. This might be a large item such as a sofa or armchair, or perhaps a conversational piece such as artwork.

7. Keep your balcony 'event-ready'!

Tidy, clean and de-clutter your outdoor space, to ensure it is ready for any unexpected guests or brunch buddies.

8. Keep it clean, mess, dirt, grime and gunk free

This applies to all areas of the home, but particularly those that tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. These areas, such as the bathroom and balcony, are hotspots for mess, and if not cleaned regularly, can ruin your sophisticated aesthetic.

9. Don't let odours get the better of your bathroom

There is nothing more unrefined than an unpleasant odour emanating from one’s bathroom. Ensure your sophisticated status by adding natural room fresheners, and keeping the space scrubbed and polished.

10. Look at your lighting

Lighting can make or break a space, and in order for a room to feel sophisticated, it needs to be well illuminated. Choose indirect lighting, and focus on implementing interesting and age-defiant light fittings.

11. Check your television placement

If you simply must have a television in your sitting room, its placement and situation can greatly affect the atmosphere of your living space. If possibly mount it upon the wall, and avoid making it the centre of attention.

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How do you make your home look sophisticated? We'd love to hear from you below!
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