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Where do you put your makeup on in the morning? Standing in the bathroom with your cosmetics balanced awkwardly around the sink? Peering into a little wall mirror and having to duck down to the floor every couple of minutes to pick up your makeup?  There’s no doubt about it, a dressing table is the way forward for stress-free getting ready. There are so many different dressing tables out there in so many different styles – from grown-up minimalist chic to glittering, girly pieces fit for a tween princess – that it’s easy to find one that matches your style and your bedroom.

​Secret compartments

The mirror on this pretty dressing table folds away, making it look like any ordinary desk. This is a piece for lovers of simplicity – those who hate the idea of overly feminine furniture and appreciate a straightforward silhouette. The differently sized compartments found within are ideal for separating and storing cosmetics, hair products, jewellery and all your other bits and pieces.

Once folded away, this dressing table turns into a handy place to set up your laptop and get some work done.

​Over-the-top opulence

If you’re keen on a spot of drama, this spectacular dressing table is made for you. What could be more marvellously indulgent than seeing your face framed in gold every morning as you go through your daily routine? Of course, commitment is key when you opt for a look as bold as this one – notice how even the stool stays on-theme with little gold feet and decadent upholstery.

​Take control

Sunrise Table EK Design BedroomDressing tables
EK Design

Sunrise Table

EK Design

This pleasantly odd little number is adjustable, allowing you to remove the mirror and insert it at the position of your choosing in the slit that runs the length of the table. Again, like the first piece shown in this ideabook, this means it could easily be transformed into a workspace whenever you need it to be.

Sunrise Table EK Design BedroomDressing tables
EK Design

Sunrise Table

EK Design

This photo shows how the mirror can be removed and repositioned.

​A DIY dressing table

If you don’t have a dressing table or don’t feel like buying one, you can always just hang a mirror over a little desk like this one to achieve the same result. This allows for a bit more creativity in mixing and matching. The mirror here doesn’t technically go with the desk beneath it, but in practice it turns out that the two actually complement each other well.

​Light and bright

Again, this is not a dressing table but a desk paired with a mirror. In this case, however, much care has been taken to make sure the different components match each other and the room perfectly. By choosing white as the main colour for this space, the designer has managed to maximise light in a room that perhaps doesn’t have that much natural light of its own (judging by the very small skylight seen at the top of the photo, anyway).

​The best things come in small packages

This dressing table forgoes a large central mirror altogether, instead offering only a small, adjustable one. This means that as a piece of furniture it doesn’t dominate the room. In fact it’s extremely understated, a fact helped by the choice of white as the colour. Notice that the design of the drawers – placed safely out of the way, at the sides – leaves plenty of room to slide your legs under the dressing table and sit comfortably while applying your makeup.

Where do you get ready in the morning?

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