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10 bathroom makeovers that are bound to inspire you

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Industrial style bathroom by Espaces à Rêver Industrial
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A good bathroom should be clean, sleek and refreshing in terms of setting, planning and space utilisation. Today's before & after Ideabook takes you through a series of 10 bathroom makeovers which have led to some seriously impressive designs. From removing outdated fixtures, to playing with layouts and ensuring everything is easy access, the respective designers have left no stone unturned. Come and have a look and get inspired!

​Before: busy patterns and garish colours

This bathroom was a blast from the retro past, such was the state of its cramped quarters and green fittings. The patterns made the space look even more closed.

​After: a modern finish

The designers reorganised the space with the help of shelves under the chic rectangular sink. The mirror frame now offers a touch of colour, while the rest of the room is a modern white.

​Before: stuck in a style rut

This bathroom desperately needed to break out of the '80s and get a proper clean up. The space looks cramped and cluttered, with zero charisma to boot.

​After: monochrome sophistication

The transformation of this bathroom is jaw dropping, with the golden light shining down on rich creamy hues and the black granite checkerboard. The shower cubicle, too, creates a luxurious look.

​Before: plain and sterile

The problem area here was the complete lack of life and style. The tiles were boring, imparting an outdated and bland aesthetic. This bathroom also needed an update in terms of colour, so that the beauty of the attic-like space could be better exploited

​After: feeling blue

Wow—what a difference colours can make! The gentle grey-blue hue on the slanting roof accentuates the gorgeous white fittings below.

Before & after: garish to gorgeous

Obstinate brick-red hues were given the boot in favour of classic cream-coloured tiles. This has created a calming and gentle ambience in the cosy bathroom.

​Before: dark and hemmed In

The dark and dingy design of the bathroom needed a desperate update. The tiles also seemed too big, while the brown hues made for a gloomy look.

​After: gold-hued goodness

The bathroom is now bathed in golden light, with the bulky wall knocked down and a pillar and door installed between the main areas. The chic decorative branches also add oodles of style!

​Before: uninspiring mosaic

This bathroom sported an insipid look thanks to the tired mosaic tiles and white walls, as well as the unsightly mismatched lamp.

​After: zany touches

The yellow bath mat and electric blue towel rack in the bone white, matte-finish bathroom make a seriously zany impression!

​Before: entirely dilapidated

There's not much to see here in this phase of pre-bathroom squalor. But the light is certainly streaming in and the space has much potential in terms of design. Let's see how the designers take full advantage of this…

​After: ethereal look

This is a real stunner. Rich cream tiles, golden lighting, layered steps and lots of glass have truly transformed this bathroom! The separation between the two bath areas creates a luxurious sense of space.

​Before: dated and dowdy

Next, we have a really small bathroom which looks even more cramped thanks to the terrible tile selection on both walls and floor. This one desperately needs a clean up.

After: simple elegance

Swanky and chic – that’s what this space has become thanks to a clever play of colours. Cream and blue now give the bathroom the necessary freshness it needs. The bath tub, sink and toilet have been replaced by more stylish designs that contribute immensely to the look of the space.

​Before: stripped down

There's nothing much to see here except light flooding in through the attic window. This could be used to great advantage when building a beautiful new bathroom…

​After: wooden retreat

The curved bathtub has been positioned perfectly under the skylight, while the wooden flooring adds to the warmth of the space. A winner!

​Before & after: from cluttered to cool

Cool hues have replaced the over-the-top vibrant colours from before in this smart transformation. Efficient storage has reduced visible clutter and made the space more cohesive and calm.

If you feel inspired by these small bathroom makeovers, here's another Ideabook bursting with revamp ideas: The dream makeover of a dated bathroom!

Which of these makeovers is your favourite?
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