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Every once in a while, you come across a space that is so unique that even the best pictures don't do it justice. On today's 360°, we look at one such space—a creative studio that was built keeping in mind the specific needs of the owner who wanted a working area that was cosy enough to double up as a living space. 

Designed by the Yamagata-based Takashi Noue, this modern barn-style atelier is situated in a suburb on the outskirts of the city, which of course meant that the architects did not have a million space constraints to tackle. Additionally, the relatively quiet surroundings proved to be an ideal working environment for the owner.

Built largely out of timber and other natural materials, this minimalist studio stands apart in a neighbourhood of nondescript homes, and is a space that you can come to again and again to be inspired. 

Straight out of a picture book

Is that a sight for sore eyes or what? The perfectly symmetrical triangular roof and the small garden around it recalls to mind whimsical drawings that we did as children, a time when our imaginations were unfettered!

On the facade, we see two different grains of timber: thin panels on the surface and a thicker wooden door that can be slid open to reveal glass windows. A rudimentary bamboo pole acts as the entrance! The studio also gets plenty of sunshine from all sides since there are no high-rise structures out back or around it. 

Framed for posterity

This view of the space from the backyard is seriously drool-worthy. A plush leather armchair is strategically placed to afford views of the seemingly effortlessly put together garden. A paved concrete floor separates the sandy garden from the interiors while the large glass sliding doors makes the transition between interior-exterior seamless. Glass doors such as these are great in areas where the season changes can be drastic; on a rainy or winter day, one can sit indoors while not feeling cut off from the outside. 

We can bet that a thousand creative sparks were flared up while lounging on that armchair, sipping a cup of piping hot tea!

Light on light

At the risk of sounding redundant, allow us to say again that simplicity often elicits the biggest wow factor. Often, simplicity and its corresponding design style minimalism, is achieved only by putting a lot of thought into it, as well as a substantial investment. Here though, you can see how there are literally only a handful of design elements that were chosen wisely but without breaking the bank. 

Plywood is the primary material used, which is given immense character with those gorgeous knots. The grey granite flooring recedes gently into the background, and acts as a wonderfully reflective surface for all that light streaming in from every corner.  

Taking a break

On an slightly elevated platform and separated by sliding doors, you find the living area of the studio where the owner can take a break from his work and catch a breather. Ultra minimal in style, the space still oozes warmth and charm largely thanks to the timber used. There is a harmonious balance to the space, achieved by the meticulous symmetry and the singular use of wood everywhere. 

If you fancy minimal spaces such as these, we suggest you speak to our experts who can fill you in more. 

Atelier attic

This space under the attic is currently being used to store the owner's work materials and finished pieces but plans are on to convert this into a more 'live-able' zone, which would allow the owner to stay here. Might we suggest a cosy little bedroom?

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