10 tricks to keep your Hong Kong home cool and fresh

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As many Hong Kong residents would attest, October is usually one of the nicest months of the calendar year. With the rains slowly ceasing, abundant blue skies tend to offer warmth along with slightly less humidity, and the sense that typhoon season is coming to an end. Along with the great weather comes a chance to implement some routines that will keep your dwelling comfortably cool and fresh over the coming months.

Would you like to know how to do this without cranking the air-conditioner? We’ve got 10 simple solutions that will keep your home crisp, while ensuring the space is cool and inviting, which perfect for the warm and pleasant weather ahead.

1. Keep blinds closed during the day, and open them at night

Blinds are your first protection from the midday heat outside. Keep your curtains, blinds and awnings such when the morning heat sets in, and open them later at night, once it has begun to cool down. 

2. Don't use the oven, opt for the grill instead

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Your oven is basically a heater, and will seriously contribute to your home feeling hot and unwelcoming if you use it on very high temperature days. Opt for the grill instead, and remember to switch on your exhaust fan to keep the air moving.

3. Open your windows and doors during the coolest part of the day

For the most part you should keep your windows shut for most of the day. In hot and humid conditions, leaving the windows open contributes to the home feeling muggy and uncomfortable. However, the windows should be opened at night once the sun goes down, as well as in the morning when the temperature will be at its lowest. 

4. Choose lightweight bedding

Forget those overwhelmingly fluffy quilts, you need minimal sheets and lightweight throws for the evening. Purchase summer specific items for your bedroom, which are often fabricated with natural materials such as cotton. 

5. Don't run hot appliances during the hottest part of the day

In your utility room, you should avoid running your dryer during the hottest part of the day. If you can avoid using it at all, you will ensure you don't push hot air throughout your abode, and give your home the best chance at staying cool and fresh. 

6. Keep indoor plants

Indoor plants naturally cool your home, and this works particularly well in areas of the home that receive a large volume of natural light. Look for the right variety to suit your individual space, and chat to a professional if you need further help of clarification wit you interior aesthetic. 

7. Do you cleaning chores at night

We all have chores that need doing around the house, but leaving them until the nighttime might be your best shot at staying cool and fresh. Instead of sweating and cranking the air-conditioner midday, opt for a little cleaning and organising later in the evening, when the weather (along with your home) has cooled down. 

8. Keep internal doors open

Within your home, keeping the internal doors open give you the best chance and ensuring your dwelling remains cool and fresh. Closing doors often leads to certain rooms feeling stale, while opening them creates a good airflow throughout. 

9. Choose a light colour scheme

It might not seem as though a new paint job would have any effect on the coolness and freshness of your home, but surprisingly, it is a brilliant and effective way to keep everything feeling open, airy and tranquil. 

10. Install ventilation fans

Finally, take a peek around your home and look at where heat is generated. In these areas (most commonly the kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms) a ventilation fan can mean the different between a stifling and uninviting area, and a welcoming refreshed domestic zone. 

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Let us know how you keep your home cool and fresh in the comments below!

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