The inspiring makeover of a seriously tiny home

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Before-After giulia pellegrino studio di progettazione
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When a once-charming house shows signs of decay and neglect, it quickly becomes a sorry sight indeed. And this is just what happened to the tiny home in Monreale, Sicily, we'll explore today. It lay a dilapidated and shabby mess before the architects at Giulia Pellegrino Studio di Progettazione gave the abode a sophisticated and modern makeover. Now, since its transformation, bright colours, sleek designs and contemporary features dominate the revamped residence, making it a truly beautiful home. Intrigued to see more? Let's take a look…

Before: depressing facade

With plaster falling off and paint peeling randomly, the house looked dreary and worn out. The door was shabby and the terrace railing dangerously rickety.

After: neat new look

Freshly painted in bright white, the facade now looks so clean and inviting! The door has been painted too, and the terrace stylishly revamped with structural enhancements.

Before: decay and neglect

The terrace was suffering from some serious damp, and weed had taken over in places. Signs of neglect and disrepair could be seen everywhere.

After: A refreshing change

During its renovation, the walls of the terrace were painted white and sleek glass doors installed. The roof was nicely revamped with structural support and new shingles, while the floor tiles were changed for good. Now the space looks bright, fresh and inviting.

Before: stairway of doom

Flanked by garish pink walls, the drab concrete staircase looked plain scary and claustrophobic.

After: hello, gorgeous!

Now, after pulling down the wall on the left, the staircase looks so much more airy and breathable. Spotless white wall and elegant wooden steps fitted with soothing lights make for a pretty picture.

Before: uninviting basement

The old basement had ample space lying unused, and was lying in a bare and gloomy state. A nondescript floor and old-fashioned doors made things worse.

After: smart entertaining

Post makeover, white walls and sleek white doors add oodles of brightness to the space. Large sandy-hued floor tiles look chic, while a minimalistic entertainment unit makes good use of the basement with its plush couches.

After: simple and cosy bathroom

Decked in the same sand-coloured tiles and white paint, the bathroom is a modern affair that focuses on simple rejuvenation pleasures. Fashionable fixtures and a sleek glass partition for the shower make things classy here.

After: pattern play in the kitchen

Fitted with timeless white cabinets and stylish chrome appliances, the kitchen is a modular delight. But the gorgeously patterned backsplash tiles in varying subtle tones make things doubly interesting.

Charmed by the smart makeover of this once drab home? We are too! Check out another before & after story for more ideas: A crumbling house becomes the perfect home.

What do you think of the lovely tiles in the new kitchen?

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