Your own house in the blink of an eye—6 amazing small prefabs

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With the increase in individuals wanting to live sustainably we hear a lot about prefabricated homes. But what exactly is a pre-fab home? These dwellings are defined as having around 80 percent of their components produced in a factory, which are then transported to the construction site and put together. 

In comparison to regular construction, they are inexpensive, quick to assemble (sometimes a house can be built in under a week, with the entire building completed in around 3 months), and available in a huge range of different styles and options. 

As an added benefit, they often remove some of the issues associated with traditional methods. Durable, resistant to the elements, and constructed from high quality materials, today we bring your 6 of our favourites. Would you like to check them out? Read on below…

1. The container shop house

Here at homify we love container homes, and this vibrant example is no exception. Relatively inexpensive, this quickly constructed home is rich in character, and only bears a slight resemblance to its original steel shape and form.

2. A quaint micro cottage

One Bedroom Wee House Exterior The Wee House Company
The Wee House Company

One Bedroom Wee House Exterior

The Wee House Company

Cosy, quaint and definitely not lacking character, this 40 square metre home oozes charm and charisma. Easily constructed, the timber home would suit a rural location, making the most of its insulated doors and windows. Indeed this is a compact home, but surprisingly contains a kitchen, living room, bathroom and double bedroom!

3. A new take on tradition

When we think of timber cabins we often picture traditional abodes with large log walls, which are warm and rich in history. However, this design takes the timber cabin to a whole new level! Less than 25 square metres, this space would suit an individual or couple, and is covered in alpine larch that will silver over time. Hard to believe, but there is even a mezzanine inside this small home!

4. Large and luxurious

Now for something a little larger. This dwelling is constructed with timber and glass, and makes a statement upon the land. An excellent example of modern architecture, the simple home fits in beautifully with its surroundings, and can be opened up to let the outside ‘inside’

5. The contemporary pre-fab timber abode

This architect-designed home is both eye-catching and alluring. Characterised by its lightness, earthy materials, and transport ease, this dwelling is gorgeously compact. Ideal for a range of locations, this residence would look wonderful on a coastline, just as much as it would in the countryside.

Contemporary and attention-grabbing, this abode embraces a generous use of timber, with different colours and textures. Although it is compact, there are still comfortable spaces outdoors, such as the terrace, which would be perfect for lazy Sunday relaxing

6. A minimal cube home

The final pre-fab home we are taking a look at is a gorgeous minimalist cube home. Boasting an area of 75 square metres, the dwelling is compact, yet highly fashionable and stylish. Covered with white tiles and composite stone, the house makes a statement, as well as blending in well with the surrounding landscape.

Which pre-fab dwelling is your favourite? To tour another ultra-stylish dwelling, take a gander at: A perfectly space-efficient narrow home

Which home is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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