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The garden is the ideal part of the home in which to introduce a touch of whimsical magic. You don’t even need to have a lot of outdoor space in order to create an area that feels a little bit enchanted. Why would you settle for having just a plain old lawn, when you could have a (carefully cultivated) wilderness filled with unexpected delights? Small details here and there are enough to create the sense that your garden is a place where the usual rules don’t apply. Read on for some magical examples…

​An unconventional art gallery

This collection of mismatched oddities – mostly mirrors, although there are some other bits and pieces in there too – would look peculiar enough, although wonderful in that peculiarity, displayed on an interior wall, so their presence on this neatly groomed privet hedge really is a masterful stroke of  surprise. There’s enough going on here to hold the attention for a good long while, and if you get bored of looking at the other pieces you can always watch the TV placed somewhat incongruously at the centre of the display. Hopefully it doesn’t rain a lot where this garden is.

​Come closer, my deer

This proud little stag’s head sculpture is one of the cutest and most special items to be found on the hedge seen above, and its being included in the collection of assorted items brings an added element of magic. The use of sculptures inspired by living creatures (the owl seen perched in the empty frame near the stag’s head in the photo above is another good example) in the garden always helps bring the place, making it feel like it is peopled by a largely hidden cast of otherworldly creatures and tame animals – even if they are really only statues.

​Eye of newt and toe of frog

Een huis om van te dromen: de villa in Blaricum, Kabaz Kabaz Rustic style garden

Witches-and-wizards-in-training couldn’t find a better place than this for brewing up their potions and practicing their incantations. Any child would be hard-pressed to resist the lure of the mysterious aura that surrounds this little hut, with its endearingly crooked stilts, fencing and ladder. Building a hideaway like this would instantly transform any garden into a magical place, and guarantee childhood memories that are every bit as magical too.

​The enchanted forest

In this garden the plants appear to have taken over, bursting forth from beneath the decking to grow and grow like something from a fairytale.

​Under nature’s spell

The least imposing pieces can be among the most effective. Sometimes all it takes is a hint of the unexpected here and there, and suddenly an entire garden can seem to be alive with possibility. In the case of this one, this gorgeous gate composed of truly fantastical poppies – in full bloom all year round – does the trick very nicely indeed.

​Sometimes magic finds you

Yes, that’s right: sometimes you don’t need to go looking for magic, because if you’re lucky enough you might already have one of its components on your land. Wonky old trees like this one seem filled with wisdom and possibility, and they also happen to be like catnip to many children, who will love clambering all over them and trying to explore the various hollows. If you have a tree as impressive as this one in your garden, try placing a lamp on the ground underneath it or in one of its hollows in order to cast an ethereal light over its gnarled surface by night.

What kind of garden do you prefer - overgrown and magical, or perfectly planned and maintained?

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