10 ways fabrics can improve your small home

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When we think of fabric, we immediately picture the obvious—bed linen, tablecloths and curtains. However, there are so many more options for different domestic fabrics, which can revolutionise your décor and home design. If you're looking to improve your abode, as well as increase its ambience and atmosphere, take a little time to enter the wild and wonderful world of textiles and fabrics. 

When the time comes to choose a particular fabric for your home, you will probably need to ask yourself a few questions. Picking the precise textile for your property is crucial! And it can easily become quite a mission with the immeasurable quantity of materials, textures and hues available. 

You will want to narrow down your choice, to make sure you select the right colour and pattern etc. from the endless range of options. You will also want to look at the colours within your space, the era and pattern, as well as style and construction. Finally, and most importantly, you’ll want to figure just where you are going to use the fabric in your dwelling.

1. Gorgeous bed linen

GW's RESIDENCE arctitudesign Minimalist bedroom



Starting with the basics, we are going to head into the bathroom to look at the importance of choosing the right bed linen. Bed linen can make or break a bedroom so it’s crucial you look for quality over quantity. Choose a high thread count, and opt for something to keep you cool during the hotter months, and warm when it starts to get cool in December.

2. Well-upholstered statement sofas

Dixie sofa Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs Textile Yellow

Dixie sofa


As well as bed linen, a statement sofa can add a huge amount of character to an interior space. In this example we see a bright yellow velvet sofa that oozes style, and is seriously sumptuous! Reupholster with class and pizzazz, and opt for something individual and unique.

3. Comfy outdoor seating

dezanove house designed by iñaki leite - view to the living Inaki Leite Design Ltd. Modern windows & doors
Inaki Leite Design Ltd.

dezanove house designed by iñaki leite—view to the living

Inaki Leite Design Ltd.

Pillows and bean chairs don’t have to be relegated to the interior of a home; in fact, they work brilliantly on a terrace or in the garden. Choose beanbags with all-weather materials, and plenty of waterproof cushions.

4. A well-dressed dining table

dining room should be well dressed with all the right accessories and accoutrements. This includes placemats, settings, as well as coasters, napkins and more! Choose sometime timeless and elegant to evoke a refined aesthetic and ambience

5. A rug to tie the room together

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London. Bravo London Ltd Modern walls & floors Glass Green
Bravo London Ltd

​Studio Flat Room Divider Sliding Doors by Bravo London.

Bravo London Ltd

A rug can really anchor furniture together within a room. Moreover, they work particularly well in minimalist spaces to produce a warm atmosphere without having to add too many accessories or appurtenances.

6. Fabric wallpaper

Hotel City, Zurich Studio Frey Modern style bedroom
Studio Frey

Hotel City, Zurich

Studio Frey

When we think of fabric, we often forget about wallpaper. Fabric wallpaper is seriously back in style, and will impart a completely new aesthetic within your room.

7. DIY wall art

Northmore Minor- Teal fabric Flock

Northmore Minor- Teal fabric


Fancy yourself a DIYer? Fetch some stylish fabric (markets and thrift shops make great options for interesting textiles) and cut to size. Frame your fabric, and hang your new art upon the wall!

8. Decorative accessories

Professional interior designers know the benefit of decorative accessories, and now you do too! Sheepskins, throw cushions, rugs, and other ornamental wall-hangings produce wonderful results and look gorgeous.

9. Sumptuous bathroom towels

For that wonderfully sumptuous bathroom experience, opt for luxurious towels in oversized dimensions. Additionally, choose a colour that matches your interior scheme.

10. Relaxing terrace accoutrements

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

Outdoor rugs provide a brilliant accessory for your home’s terrace, and provide a great place to relax, as well as being easily washed and dried.

Did any of these fabrics inspire you to update your home? If you would like some more ideas, tips and tricks, check out: 24 simple ideas for a living room to envy

Cotton, cloth, linen, velvet...what type of fabric is your favourite?

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