10 picture-perfect family homes you'll love

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Everyone has a certain mental image of the perfect family home. It may be a picture that reminds you of a lifestyle, a certain kind of ideal or one that simply reminds you of your childhood. While we're all very different, there are a few common elements that make a picture-perfect family home. Weather it's modern, rustic or just achingly sweet, a picture perfect family home will always have a sense of solidity, balance and warmth. These are homes to establish roots in the world, to develop bonds and watch your loved ones and projects grow in maturity over many years. To see what we're talking about and maybe kick start the planning for planning phase, let's start our photo tour… Enjoy!

1. Outdoor living

This perfectly presented family home has a peaked roof and a sprawling outdoor entertaining area. The best thing about this is that there are lots of different types of hangout spaces outside, including a lawn, a deck and a pool.

2. Big windows and lots of promise

The architects have designed this two level family home with big windows and gables. The landscaping gives it a somewhat welcoming exterior, but it's also a home that seems to have a self-contained, private feel. 

3. The perfect indoor space

Family homes need good open plan layouts with lots of space for different activities. This Japanese home has a lovely series of raised platforms. These separate the different zones in this living room while allowing it to retain a warm, communal family atmosphere.

4. A crooked little stone house

Perfect doesn't have to mean all straight lines and modernity. For many of us, a family home needs to have a sense of history. In this regard, a home build with older, solid earthy materials like stone has that essential character that makes for the perfect family home. 

5. Nordic-style warmth

Nordic-style homes strike a good balance between warmth and function. This Korean home is certainly inspired by the look. Just check out the magic combination of wooden materials and white surfaces.

6. A home within the mountains

If your idea of perfect involves growing your own vegetables, this two level home might be perfect for you. It has gables and a purely functional form that's just perfect for country style living.

7. An idyllic resting place

There's something just perfect about this little black and white home. The protruding forms on the upper level add some character and there's a lot of variation in the window designs. Check out the panel windows that run along the ground floor. It looks like a fun place for children.

8. Solar panels

For many people, the perfect family home is built to contribute to the larger community too. This one has solar panels and various features that make it an environmentally friendly home. This also makes it quite efficient to run.

9. A big, airy playhouse

This home presents as a big, airy playhouse. There are lots of large windows, a big sprawling entertaining area and a sense of openness. This is definitely a home for those who love a relaxing lifestyle.

10. The perfectly neat family home

Lots of family homes are situated in suburban areas where it's important to have a facade with just the right balance of friendliness and privacy. This perfectly neat family home does just that. There are lots of windows but few openings that look out onto the street.

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Which of these family homes wins your heart?

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