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The sofa of your dreams is out there somewhere. Meeting it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. And, as with all matters of the heart, what’s right for you will be totally wrong for someone else. Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to what’s surely the single most important item of living room furniture. For Netflix-loving couch potatoes who enjoy nothing more than an evening in front of the box with a bottle of wine, comfort is likely to come top of the list.  Meanwhile, those who use their living room mostly as a place for entertaining guests – or who have a second living room just for the purpose – may opt for a sofa that makes a powerful impression rather than one designed to offer optimal lounging opportunities. You probably already have a good idea of the boxes your perfect sofa has to tick – and there’s a good chance one of these ticks all of them.

​The nap master

This huge red sofa is in search of a new home in which the art of relaxation is given the reverence it deserves. It folds out either into a bed or into an extra section for resting lazy legs. There is so much surface area available here that it would be a real challenge to find a position that wasn’t wonderfully comfy. And, of course, it also boasts one of the most cosily reassuring sofa features of all: the corner. This one even comes fully equipped with a headrest for additional enjoyment. Ahhhh.

​The aristocrat

Upholstered in decadent velvet and trimmed with elaborate embellishments, this living room set certainly has some airs and graces about it. The division of the three-seater sofa into its constituent sections is a particularly regal touch. This look would work as an entirely consistent part of a very traditional and richly decorated room, but could also be used to create a deliberate contrast within a quirkier, more modern space.

​The academic

Chesterfield Sofa Locus Habitat Living roomSofas & armchairs
Locus Habitat

Chesterfield Sofa

Locus Habitat

It may raise mental images of book-lined studies and imposing mahogany desks, but this luxurious leather sofa could in fact fit right in a wide range of environments – as this picture shows.

​The optimist

Simple, perky and absolutely upbeat, this cute little sofa is a real people-pleaser. Its neutral colour combined with its simple, modern lines and unexpectedly old-fashioned choice of leather upholstery mean it would be just as happy in a minimalist room as in the cluttered home of a collector. A space filled with plants, in particular, would really bring out the best in this basic piece.

​The eccentric

It’s easy to pick out the most striking quality of this sofa: its colour. It would take a courageous person to pull of this strong a statement, but if you keep your nerve – and don’t overdo the other colours in the room – the results could be quite beautiful as well as utterly unique.

​The pragmatist

Like the red sofa bed we saw earlier, this one offers plenty o extra sprawl room. What it has that the other sofa doesn’t, however, is all that extra storage space underneath – so it’s extra practical as well as pretty.

​The purist

Lovers of understated, Scandinavian style, look no further – your perfect match has arrived.

​The hedonist

How will you want your sofa to look tomorrow? It doesn’t matter; arrange it how you want it today. Each section of this clever piece can be detached and shifted around, or can be used as a standalone armchair.

Are any of these close to being your perfect sofa? If so, which? 

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