​Novelty seating

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Do you have a daft side you want to let out, but allowing it to dominate the theme of your decor as a whole is a step too far? Many of us have a secret part of us, a remnant of childhood that would love nothing more than to live in a house filled with bouncy castles, with slides instead of stairs and chandeliers we could literally swing from. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook) the many impracticalities of this desire, as well as the prevailing force of grown-up good taste, prevent the vast majority of people from ever coming close to implementing such  a set-up. It’s much easier to direct any leanings toward outlandishness into just one or two parts of the home, or one or two really unconventional objects. A children’s bedroom is an obvious candidate for more whimsical furnishings, and the seating featured here would all look quite at home there. But those who don’t have children can enjoy these pieces too. Some of them are just a little unusual while some are downright silly, but all convey a real sense of fun.

​A different kind of loveseat

This giant red heart is not only a more striking shape than a run-of-the-mill beanbag, it also offers a broad range of different ways to sit. Its cute form actually helps enhance its function.

Far from belonging strictly in the kids’ room, it looks perfectly placed in this reserved, modern living room.

​The mysterious visitor

This enigmatic house guest brings more than her fair share of unanswered questions with her. Who is she? How did she arrive in your home? And, most important of all, why is she a chair? There’s no denying this is one of the more out-there chairs seen in this ideabook, and it’s probably less comfortable than it is bizarre. But sometimes a touch of extreme oddness in unexpected places is just what’s needed to mitigate the often all too unmagical nature of grown-up life.

Twinkle toes

The character of most pieces of furniture is usually fairly easy to identify, but this outrageous chair has so many conflicting personalities jostling for attention that it’s hard to define it as anything other than “loud”. Seen only in silhouette, it would be easy to mistake is for a quite regal, perhaps almost stuffily traditional, item. The only giveaway would be its feminine feet, daintily outfitted in little high heels complete with bows.

​Something’s fishy