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10 genius ways to use every inch of space in your home

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Whether you live in a compact one-room home or a large luxurious mansion, you are going to want to get the most out of your space. Remodelling your interior rooms is definitely a start and will help you achieve a dwelling that not only looks clean, de-cluttered and liveable, but also acts in a practical way, with a sense of efficiency and usability. 

Today on homify we looking at 10 clever ways you can use every inch of space in your abode. By employing some of these tips we’re sure you will create a residence that looks every bit as good as it feels. Have we piqued your interest? Read on below to learn more, and get started renewing your home today!

1. Rethink your pantry

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

Bespoke oak larder


You might think you are utilising your pantry’s space to its optimum, but chances are you aren’t. Take some time to clean out your pantry and restock it in a practical way. In order to keep it organised, consider some shelving and retrofit accessories that will ensure it is usable and efficient.

2. Add wall shelving

Do you have a blank wall in your house or apartment? Consider some wall shelving to add life and practicality to your space. This is particularly good in the kitchen, where you can create additional storage for crockery and cookware.

3. Remodel your terrace

Your terrace and balcony can function as another entire living space when designed and planned accordingly. For many, this space simply sits and gathers junk, but it could be so much more! Look at your area and consider a dining setting, as well as an outdoor kitchen if you have room. Renovating your exterior areas will add value to your abode, as well as boost your space for entertaining friends and family.

4. Add storage wherever possible

Storage can be added to many different areas within your home. To maximise your home’s efficiency, you should look at where you can improve your storage. A great example is this kitchen island, which makes room for recipe books and other necessities.

5. Compact room? No problem. Design your space with built-in furniture

Built-in furniture is a lovely option for those working with compact spaces, and will ensure you utilise every available inch of space. Freestanding furniture often takes up more room, while a bespoke option is fitted to the exacting specifications of the space. This home office is a neat example, which feels organised and stylish, with plenty of room for all necessary accessories.

6. A room divider can offer a statement-making feature (and extra storage!)

Vantage Park | mid-level | Hong Kong Nelson W Design Modern dining room
Nelson W Design

Vantage Park | mid-level | Hong Kong

Nelson W Design

In this one-room apartment, the designers have managed to use every single inch of space. Of particular note is the room divider, which holds books and other accoutrements, while providing privacy and segregation between the individual interior spaces.

7. Do you have a loft? Convert it!

A loft space is often left as storage, but can be converted into an extra bedroom, study or playroom. Consult professionals to see if your area is suitable, and begin transforming or expanding your dwelling today.

8. Take a look underneath your stairs

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


The space under the stairs is notoriously neglected, but can offer a range of useful applications in the home. Take a look at these slide out drawers that hold coats and shoes. This space-utilising idea is practical, efficient and wonderfully neat.

9. Hang your essentials in the kitchen

No room for additional shelving? Make the most of your ceiling space in the kitchen by hanging your utensils, pots and pans.

10. No room for a kitchen island? Take a look at this example!

A kitchen island is a highly desirable domestic addition, but what do you do if you don’t have space for one? However, you can utilise the space along a blank wall to construct a similarly practical island-esque fixture. This has been wonderfully undertaken in this example, and shows how a blank wall can become useful.

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How do you maximise space in your home? Let us know below!
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