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A stylishly designed ranch epitomises everything that is fabulous about the countryside. Rustic, raw and built to endure the changing seasons, a ranch exposes the idyllic lifestyle possibilities that exist once one dares to leave the confines of the concrete jungle. Today’s feature home has been designed by Uptic Studios, and boasts a typical façade, with a not so typical interior. From the exterior of the home, the dwelling appears fairly normal—clad with timber panels, and replete with a monitor roof, the structure is imposing, and yet blends in beautifully with the surrounding landscape.

Designed as a peaceful and organic family abode, the property has been constructed in a clearing within the dense forest of Spokane, Washington. A delightful balance between tradition, practicality and luxury, this rustic residence has been nicknamed the ‘Lucky 4 Ranch’, and it isn’t difficult to see why. We’d love to be lucky enough to live here, but in lieu of moving in we will gleefully take a tour of the home instead!

The Lucky 4 Ranch

Mirroring the typical architectural vernacular in the area, the Lucky 4 Ranch appears rather understated, true to its surroundings, and understandable in its setting. The timber-clad exterior boasts a medium timber tone, while the monitor roof pops out from the first storey of the home. 

Friendly and balanced, symmetry has been utilised extensively for this dwelling's façade, and ensures it is a cheerful and inviting residence. The large lawn space in front of the property allows for entertaining during the warmer months, in addition to the porch, which is suitably undercover should it be rainy or cold. Ideal for sipping a mulled wine during the chilly winter season, or a fruit punch in the summer, it isn't hard to imagine life in this idyllic setting. 

An idyllic setting with unbelievable scenery

From the actual entry point to the home, we peer at the misty meadows in the distance, and get a true sense of what the view might look like from that front porch. Here the garage is situated at the end of the driveway, and built into the actual home. Being built into the dwelling means that during the cold months, one can simply arrive inside the home, without the need to traipse through snow, mud or rain. It also means the home is one neat and tidy package, leaving plenty of space in the driveway for guests' cars. 

The actual driveway door is constructed in the barn style, which actually provides the entire property with a sense of pastoral farmhouse-esque tradition. To the left we see the other entry point for the home, and the main ingress for the house.

Home is where the heart is

The epitome of homey harmony, this front porch reflects the traditional heritage style of the home. With every single element, detail, fitting and fixture carefully planned, it almost feels as if we have travelled back in time. From this vantage we can see how large this front porch actually is. It provides shelter from the rain and snow, while providing the ideal space to entertain during the summer. 

Timber is the main material utilised in this construction, and connects the abode with nature, in addition to offering an enduring and long-lasting aesthetic. 

Ultra-warm interior spaces

Could an interior possibly be any more lovely and warm? We certainly don't think so! This interior screams style, and is filled with a glorious array of bucolic furniture and accessories. The home's setup includes a large ground floor with the living room, garage, front terrace, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and bedroom. Additionally, the upstairs section of the house is private and houses the master bedroom. 

The designers have opted for a colour scheme that is earthy yet neutral, boasting plenty of rich autumnal hues, which blend in perfectly with the forest scenery. Thanks to the upstairs floor and monitor roof, the living space enjoys ultra-high ceilings, and a lofty ambience. However, due to the careful consideration placed in the furniture choices, the room still feels cosy and inviting, despite its commodious atmosphere. 

A country-style cooking area

Rustic and raw, the kitchen is a perfect country kitchen. With a range of traditional elements, the kitchen suggests history and heritage, but boasts enough modern necessities to keep it contemporary. Functional and usable, the kitchen island houses a small space to eat breakfast, and the entire space is designed as a gathering point or hub for the house. 

Exuding a natural sense of comfort and accessibility, this kitchen truly evokes the beauty of countryside living. The white joinery blends well with the timber floor and exposed walls, while pairing beautifully with the practical grey countertops. However, the jewel in the crown is definitely the stainless steel range, which is sparkling and eye-catching, creating the perfect focal point for this successful space.

The upstairs loft

The tour wouldn't be complete without a quick peek upstairs. A small family space has been added to this mezzanine, and offers an additional sitting and dining space. Perfect for playing board games on a rainy day, this neat area is comfy, cosy and inviting. 

We also get a better look at the timber ceiling beams, which impart a lovely sense of heritage and bucolic beauty upon the room. Furthermore, if you peek through the balustrade you can see the downstairs fireplace, which keeps the entire property toasty and warm. 

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