The Extraordinary Brazilian Abode

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Márcia Carvalhaes Arquitetura LTDA. Classic style bedroom
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Brace yourself for some serious Brazilian beauty as this spectacular villa is sure to impress! Designed by Marcia Carvalhaes Architecture, the project represents the penultimate in modern living, with the enormous, multi-level home incorporating every luxurious aspect one could possibly wish for.

Even from the street the home is breathtaking, as it juts out from atop a lush, green hill, proudly basking in the stunning, tropical sunshine. The interior of the property is dressed in extraordinary luxury, with the expansive floor plan housing leather furnishings, multiple living areas and dining spaces, an elevated wine cellar and a private spa, providing entertainment and indulgence whatever the mood.

Moving through to the rear of the home and the crystal clear waters of a streamlined pool lie in wait to refresh and rejuvenate. Framed by timber decking and the height of the home's walls, the space is both sun drenched and private, inviting supreme relaxation and outdoor entertaining 

But enough talk, let's take a tour and witness this enviable abode in its full glory!

King of the hill

Sitting atop a lush, green hill and framed by a stunning, blue sky the contemporary lines of the villa stand out with strength and sophistication. The wooden trim of the deck adds a lovely, natural element to the surrounding grassland, while the cubic shape of the home appears modern and elevated. 

A subtle stairway leads down from the deck to the stepping stones of a homely garden path, with vehicular access accommodated by the inviting smoothness of a paved driveway.

Open interior

The interior of the home manages to combine multiple areas for living and dining. The dark tiling and wooden finishes of the kitchen provide a sophisticated depth, delineating the area from the spaces beyond. Bordering the kitchen are areas designed to accommodate casual living and dining, with the enormous glass doors leading to the swimming pool and deck able to intstantly transform the space to combine indoor and outdoor living. 

The use of wood throughout the home is palpable and intriguing. The voluminous couch seen here contrasts beautifully the with solid, wooden footstools, and the thatched dining chairs beyond enhance the casual feel of the dining area.

Multiple living areas

Just beyond the open expanse of the kitchen and living space rests another, more private living area. With a beautiful view of the pool outside this space still feels included within the lower level of the home, but is tucked away to accommodate more quiet solitude. Chic, leather furnishings create a sophisticated atmosphere, with polish wooden floors adding a rustic element to the space and contrasting with the tiled living area beyond.

Sophisticated dining

Adjacent to the private living space stands a formal dining setting. Framed by the deep tones of a wooden wall and drenched in ambient lighting this space provides the perfect locale for evening entertaining. The leather chairs are more solid and substantial than their thatched counterparts, and the smooth finish of the marble alcove adds depth and decoration to the setting, while providing a functional space to house a bar or small buffet.

Cellar indulgence

Perched upon a mezzanine overlooking the lower level of the home is an elevated wine cellar poised to tease and tantalise behind its glass enclosure. The rustic, wooden shelving within pays homage to the notion of the traditional wine cellar, despite the location of the room. 

The space houses everything needed to store, select and open a vintage drop, with comfortable couches—including a vintage leather armchair for the host—laying in wait just beyond the doors for exclusive entertaining.

Private spa

The upper level of the home doesn't just play host to the novelty of a wine cellar, with this private spa providing another option for relaxed indulgence. 

The space is trimmed by expansive, glass windows, allowing occupants to benefit from fresh air and natural light whenever the weather allows, and providing a stunning view of the surrounding countryside. A simple, contemporary chaise rests by the spa as another option for relaxation, while an elevated deck waits just outside to better enable enjoyment of the natural surrounds. 

Sheer comfort

The master bedroom of the home is inviting in cosy white, with the sheen of pristine linens creating an alluring effect upon the large bed. The deep brown of the wooden floor is the only element within this space that stands in stark contrast to the white finishes and furnishings populating the room. 

The wood grounds the space in traditional charm as occupants gaze out the windows at the gorgeous view.

Classic and industrial

The bathroom presents a departure from the use of wood within the home, with stone and glass manifesting a contrasting character. The ornate mirror ties beautifully with the delicate, decorative bottles resting sink-side, while the warm tones of the stone finishes have been celebrated in novel fashion. Offcuts of tile have been piled into an indentation beneath the dressing area, creating an interesting design feature illuminated by warm, ambient light.

Jewel in the crown

Moving through to the rear of the home and we can witness the pool in its stunning glory. The water rests in a deep blue, and is beautifully framed by cream concrete, green grass and warm wood. From this vantage the exterior of the home appears sleek but unassuming, with the swimming pool definitely designed as the jewel in the crown of luxurious living. Through those large doors and flowing curtains however, a host of treasures lay in wait for optimal indulgence. 

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