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In the mood for love: romantic bedrooms

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Everyone’s idea of what constitutes romance is different. For some, a sofa, a TV, a good film and their significant other is all that’s required to make them swoon. Others need to go all out to set their hearts aflutter; champagne, silk bed sheets, red roses galore and maybe a few candles for good measure. But most agree that if you’re going to pick the one room where setting a romantic mood is the most important, it’s got to be the bedroom. Get things just right, and every night can feel like you and your partner are staying in a luxury hotel for a treat. In fact, it will feel even better than a luxury hotel – because while a luxury hotel simply offers a one-size-fits-all style of indulgence, your bedroom will be fully personalised in a way that actually reflects your character and preferences. Here are a few examples of bedrooms that each cater to very different tastes.

​Feeling good

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors - House in Northwood, London Adelina Iliev Photography Modern style bedroom
Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors—House in Northwood, London

Adelina Iliev Photography

Stimulation of the senses comes top of the list of factors that help create a romantic setting. If you’re going to get it right, make sure you tick off all five, one way or another: taste can be taken care of with the sweetness of chocolate; hearing by selecting just the right soundtrack for the evening; sight by turning the lights down flatteringly low enough to make sure everyone and everything looks flawless; and smell by placing vases of fragrant flowers strategically around the room. But what about touch – the most important sense of all in this context?  Well, this room offers some insight into taking care of that particular aspect. Every opportunity has been taken to subtly incorporate a broad variety of textures into the space. From the velvet upholstery of the oversized headboard to the rough top sheet, shiny cushions and fluffy blanket on the bed, there’s a whole range of sensations on offer here for the fingertips to explore. The colour palette, meanwhile, has been kept utterly neutral – this room is all about feeling.

​Rural romance

This bedroom might be more subtly romantic than the previous example, but on close inspection it becomes clear that many of the same elements are present. In place of the giant headboard, the bed seen here is set against a nostalgic tapestry that takes up almost the full wall. Texture, of course, is one of the central features of any tapestry; and in addition to that romantic element, this one features a soothing woodland scene. Notice that the bedding, too, is also slightly quilted – another nod to the importance f touch. More than anything, though, what makes this room romantic is its sense of intimacy and peacefulness. Maybe it’s the tapestry, maybe it’s the green wall, or maybe it’s the muted colour scheme, but this seems like a private space tucked away in a secret country hideaway.

​Simple pleasures

Often, keeping things simple can be surprisingly effective in creating a romantic atmosphere. The furniture in this bedroom is absolutely minimal, yet far from seeming cold and bare there is a sense of being comfortable enclosed. This is down to the soft lighting and the use of warm-coloured wood on  both the floor and the walls. Once again, texture plays an important part too, as seen in the deliberately creased surfaces of the curtains and mattress. That singly splash of feisty purple is all that’s needed to push this bedroom into red-hot territory.

​The full menu

We’ve seen some rooms that approach romance delicately; now here’s one that sits at the opposite end of the spectrum. No compromises have been made in this opulent design, which certainly does a thorough job of catering to all the senses. In fact, it’s probably more fitting to call this rosy marvel a boudoir rather than a bedroom.

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