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This lush London property shows the potential for stand-out design when old meets new. Located in a period building with all the original features of its façade still perfectly preserved, its interior is quite different from what you might expect based on the external view. Here, we take a look at this remarkable home from all angles and share the many design surprises waiting inside.


Old-build homes such as this one are always much in demand due to their large windows, wood floors and high ceilings. Once someone has got their hands on one, though, they may well decide to modernise it – sometimes with incredible results, as we’ll see here.

Down the rabbit hole

Due to the ever-rising cost of living in London, most houses like this one are now divided up for multiple occupancy. This doorway might originally have been the servants’ entrance, but in 2015 it’s now the entrance to a beautifully-designed home that seems a million miles away from those origins. Not only that, it does a very good job of disguising the fact that it’s a basement flat.

Welcome to modernity

In the open-plan kitchen-dining-living area, there is no sign of the dark, heavy Victorian wallpapers and upholstery one might expect based on the exterior view. Everything is bright, simple and unapologetically contemporary, with clean lines and low ceilings that belie the origins of the house.

​The freedom to move

Low-hanging metallic lights, pale flooring and understated kitchen units all contribute to the extraordinarily spacious feeling of this home.

​Privacy within open-plan

One of two living room areas, this space is tucked away just enough to make it feel like a bit of a den without sacrificing the open-plan format of the house. Although it’s in a corner, the light colours used ensure that here, too, the atmosphere is overwhelmingly one of absolute freshness and openness.

​The perfect hosts

The other living area, behind the kitchen, also makes use of a luxurious L-shaped sofa. There’s space in this house to invite everyone you know round for coffee, as well as a fair few people you don’t.

Grab the sun

The extensive use of glass maximises the amount of light entering the living area.

​Top up on vitamin D

Elsewhere in the house, a skylight lets some much-needed sunlight into this narrow, book-lined corridor.

​A new way to read

In this bedroom, as throughout the rest of the house, the colour palette remains neutral. The most interesting features of this room include the bedside pendant lights, which provide an unusual and aesthetically pleasing alternative to table lamps.

​Feels like home

The second bedroom differs slightly from the first in its colour scheme, featuring a little more contrast. Both rooms, however, share a soft, welcoming quality, enhanced by the upholstered headboards of the king-sized beds. 

​Understated everything

This bedroom is the most simple of the three, but its lack of complexity is in itself appealing. 

​Makes perfect sense

Somehow, marble seems the natural choice for a bathroom as decadent as this one. The bathtub, meanwhile, is a perfect example of sleek minimalist design at its best. 

​Last but not least

And, of course, it goes without saying that there is a rain shower.

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