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Everybody has his or her own unique tastes and stylistic inclinations when it comes to anything to do with design—but especially inside the home. Ideally, each and every room in our domestic castles meets our deepest aesthetic needs and desires. Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is one of the most overlooked, yet most crucial to get right. While we spend most of our time in the bedroom and living spaces, the bathroom is our haven to really escape from the world—and it ought to be decked out in the best possible fashion. However, these days, the bathroom can become so much more than merely a passive, tranquil room of respite—more and more people are emboldening their take on the old inert ablution station.

Take a look at the following gorgeous snippets of the latest and greatest ‘bold’ bathroom designs, and let them give you the confidence to follow suit.

Bright contrasting wall finishes

When creating a bold bathroom, think about the contrast between the tones or hues that you are implementing. Often the contrast between colours can work more effectively than a bright or bold colour palette. This example illustrates the power of the yellow and black tiled wall, and how the disparity between the two textures and tones creates a powerfully individual and original bathroom. Simply add glossy black tiles, painted yellow walls, white ceramics with gold fittings for a classically bold yet stylish space.

Luxurious minimalism

Often when we are designing a bathroom, we have limited space to work with. Conversely this bathroom utilises an excessive amount of floor space to create an area that is minimal and spaciously empty yet surprisingly inviting. Creating this in your own domestic wash space might seem unmanageable, but incorporate some small details and you will find yourself in a commodious and sensual bathroom. Add raw grey timber floorboards, dark tiled walls and rough or reclaimed bespoke timber furniture, top it off with a single statement freestanding tub for the ultimate in minimal luxury and style.

Classically stylish wash space

Bold does not necessarily have to mean bright colours or gaudy finishes—this wonderfully bold and impressive bathroom is elegant with a hint of ostentation. The standalone shower is the centrepiece of this original and interesting bathroom, and provides a space for one to step in, draw the curtains and relax in style. Moreover the dusty duck-egg blue colour of this bathroom brings out the wonderful pewter and chrome fittings, allowing the space a sense of old-world luxury and character.

The home spa

A 5-star experience in your own home, this wonderfully sumptuous space is bold in its extravagances. A central space leads to the sizable shower, while the banana lounges peer through into the sauna. This may seem impossible to recreate within your own domestic space or bathroom, but with little touches and modifications, you can create a space that smacks of 5-star luxury living. Simply add white dressing gowns hung from the wall, with Balinese accessories to evoke a sense of spa-like luxury. Ensure your goods are all safely stored away from the plain sight, and consider a wall covering that is reminiscent of Japanese shōji.  Finally light the space subtly and coolly to evoke a sense of nonchalance and confident insouciance.

Concrete character

Concrete is possibly one of the most bold and stark building materials to use within the house. If not implemented correctly can seem cold and hard, but if used effectively can create a space that is individual, eye-catching and above all, easy care. This bathroom encapsulates a rough and industrial air, whilst the soft timber elements and sheer flowing curtains inject a sense of softness and liveability. You may not be in a position to utilise a concrete wall and floor aesthetic in your home, but you can inject elements of this wonderfully versatile material through accessories, wallpaper, and tiling to give your bathroom a sense of edginess and industrial-cool.

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