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Here at homify, we come across our fair share of inspiring and interesting homes. From the simple and subdued to the magically modern, we're constantly impressed and surprised by the inventiveness and array of original interiors and structures. 

Today is no exception. We’ll be taking a peek inside a modern home that bursts with colour, verve and vivacity. These 22 images are sure to provide some inspiration and ideas for your own domestic setup, while showing what can be achieved through a little imagination and a love for colour, texture and tone.

Eclectic and engaging, this dwelling is sure to impress. Come with us and take a tour below…

1. Rustic industrial touches abound within the kitchen

2. A palette of neutral tones and warm touches has been utilised in the living room

3. In this home the lighting setup is particularly successful, with multiple sources adding a warm ambience

4. Embracing patterns, the home is able to feel unique and eclectic

5. Large, open plan spaces are divided using furniture and different flooring types

6. Here the integrated cooking space boasts clean lines and an open aesthetic

7. The dining room is beautifully illuminated by a statement light fitting, which provides it separation and a sense of unity

8. In the sitting room we see an interesting combination of modern furniture and eye-catching wall art

9. Recessed lights enrich the spatial quality of the room and add unexpected yet welcome depth

10. A large wall mirror is installed to increase the perceived space within the room

11. The dining console is a collection of three bright red cabinets that are enhanced by the Magic-Eye-esque wallpaper

12. This bedroom resembles a hotel suite thanks to its collection of different living zones

13. Area rugs have been incorporated to visually expand the different spaces within rooms

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14. Curios generate interest and are placed throughout the home to add a unique and original ambience

15. Large windows create an organic sense of movement and cohesion between the interior and exterior

16. Natural and tribal décor is utilised extensively, imparting cultural authenticity and a feeling of worldliness

17. Plants have not been forgotten, and are stylishly added to the exterior terrace

18. Walls play an important role within this interior, with plenty of storage, shelving and space to keep domestic miscellany

19. Different combinations of these shelves assist in adding a varied aesthetic within the many rooms of this home

20. When a wall isn’t covered with shelves it functions as a gallery wall to display black and white photography

21.This large chandelier works beautifully in the dining room to provide an attention-grabbing feature with a practical application

22. Taking a closer look at this shelf we see it is actually a smart wine storage area, perfectly located in the dining room!

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