6 easy ways to shape your garden

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Gardens are more than just collections of plants. They are places to escape into the world of nature. They are often a refuge from the demands of work and other commitments, so they really deserve some loving care. The problem is that many of us are wary of taking on too much work in the garden. However, this isn't so much of a problem in a well organised garden! 

A good garden layout will help you enjoy your garden for a long time. It will really cut down on the amount of ongoing maintenance and make even the smallest collection of plants feel like an abundant oasis. 

So, if you want to make watering and caring for your plants feel like a breeze rather than a burden, come with us to check out a few easy ways to organise your garden.

1. Create zones with shrubs

Inside our homes, we default to artificial solutions, but when it comes to the garden you can use large plants to separate your living zones. Perhaps there is a small lawn for children, another for your herb garden and even a small pool area. Large plants and small trees can easily be used to separate these kinds of spaces. Don't forget they can also filter overly strong light and provide shade for other plant species. 

2. A space to enjoy the outdoors

Every garden needs a place to sit and enjoy some quiet time. A few wooden tiles or some wooden cladding will make for the start of a very good outdoor terrace area. Just make sure there's adequate drainage and keep things simple. If you have a really small garden, a waterproof deck area and some oversized outdoor cushions could suffice.

3. Plant groupings

Plants with similar needs in terms of water and sunlight should almost always be grouped together. This will help simplify maintenance. Just make sure that they grow at similar rates so one doesn't gobble up all the nutrition from the others.

It also helps of course to think in visual terms about your plant groupings. Some garden enthusiasts refer to tall plants as thrillers, lower plants as spillers and big bulky plants as fillers. A combination of all three will create a lovely dynamic effect.

4. Pavers and stones

A very finished, sophisticated look can be created with just a few bags of white stones and some pavers. If you have the DIY bug, a good little walkway could be constructed in just a single afternoon. This isn't just an attractive feature, it also a practical one. The sturdy pathway will help avoid damage to the lawn and give your garden some focus. If possible, try to create a meandering look to the design. A garden is meant to reflect the rhythms of nature.

5. A garden for all the senses

Humans experience a space with more than just our visual sense. A garden should engage all the senses. So consider investing in some fragrant plants that sweeten the air. A water feature is another popular touch because the sound of running water is said to calm the nerves.

6. Natural fences and privacy

One of the most common issues in a new garden is privacy. It is almost always better to build a wall from nature instead of a boring old wall. Hanging plants, creeping vines and even a row of tulips on a high wall might suffice. This will add height and scale to your garden as well. Finally, it will give the neighbours a more beautiful view too!

For more outdoor inspiration, have a look at 7 tricks to make the most of a tiny outdoor space.

If you have any more gardening tips for our readers, share them here!

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