7 ways to design your home to keep it cool and fresh

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Living in Hong Kong there are undeniably a few things that you will want to achieve with your home design. Hong Kong lies in a monsoon-influenced subtropical climate – and what does that mean exactly? Basically: humidity, rain, more humidity and heat. Sure, the winter chill does set in with the mercury dropping to around 10 degrees, but more often than not Hong Kong is sunny, warm and pleasant. What does this mean for your home’s design? When you start planning your new house or apartment you’ll want to factor in the climate, and design a dwelling that remains temperate and inviting, despite high humidity and oppressive heat.

To provide a few tips and tricks we’ve gathered 7 ways you can design your home to keep it cool and fresh. From simply rethinking your interior to choosing the right insulation, there are plenty of ways you can ensure your property is well suited to its environment, providing a comfy and enjoyable place to live.

1. Design large, open, double-height spaces

If you are designing your home from scratch you should look at including larger rooms with double height spaces. Small and cloistered spaces are difficult to keep cool, heat up extremely quickly, and damage your dwelling's sense of fresh ambience. 

2. Integrate the interior with the exterior

Integrating your interior spaces with your garden or outdoor areas will greatly assist in ensuring they are enjoyably open and cool. Fresh air will flow through, and you will feel a sense of life and energy in your abode, as opposed to a room that is closed off.

3. Have a garden with greenery

If you have the ability to add a garden you should definitely maximise its potential with plenty of plants and greenery. Plants have an instantly cooling and refreshing effect and will drastically alter your overall ambience and atmosphere. 

Alternatively, if you reside in an apartment, you may want to consider a terrace of foliage and greenery that will temper the heat and keep your interior cool.

4. Choose a light colour scheme

Interior designers and decorators know the benefits of a bright and light colour scheme. Choose hues that reflect your chosen theme, while opting for a shade on the lighter side of the scale. This will reflect light and keep the room feeling cool and refreshed, as darker colours tend to hold heat.

5. Open-plan layouts, with the right window dressings

An open-plan layout is often a better choice to individual rooms. If you do have small rooms in your home that you want to keep cool, try to leave doors open, to encourage airflow throughout the abode. 

Additionally, look at your window dressings and choose the right solution for the sun's direction, window placement and interior style.

6. Look at your insulation

Insulation is a huge factor in keeping home's cool and refreshed during the hot and cold months. If you are constructing a new house you will be able to consult your builder or architect to get the best insulation for your structure, but if you live in an apartment, you will need to retrofit insulation. This should be done by a professional, as there are plenty of different considerations, especially in existing homes. 

7. Add multiple ways to cool your room

There are plenty of different ways to cool individual rooms, but air-conditioners are by far the most popular. Instead of relying on the A/C every time you need to cool down, why not add some ceiling fans as well?

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How do you keep your home fresh in the summer? Let us know below!

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