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Ferraro Habitat Rustic style kitchen
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Who among us doesn't dream of dropping everything in our fast paced and hectic lives, and relocating to the countryside? With the cosiness of sumptuous interior spaces, and cool fresh breezes, the countryside is beginning to look more and more appealing! Escaping a bustling, and often brutal city environment can, for many, seem like an improbability. Unfortunately, although moving may sound like a fabulous option, the reality is far different. We have families, children to take to school, and friends. Leaving that behind can often seem impossible. However, that doesn't mean you can't bring a little of the countryside into your dwelling…

Rustic kitchens embody the perfect cooking experience with family and friends. They are warm places, areas of conviviality and joy. Rustic kitchens share stories, and hold history within their heritage materials and charming fittings. With all of these wonderful elements and features, it is no wonder that the rustic style of kitchen is among one of the most popular. These cosy and cheerful spaces often feature traditional fittings and fixtures such as wood ovens, or oil burning stoves, adding to the warmth and hospitality of the room. 

Today on homify we are bringing you a little of the rustic life, kitchens that ooze style and chic shabbiness, while offering spaces of characterful history and fun. If you are considering renovating your kitchen, or simply want to impart a little provincial style into your home, check out the images below, and refurbish with confidence!

Freestanding furniture is your friend

The benefits of freestanding furniture in a kitchen are far to numerous to mention, but it is definitely true that they can provide more than simply a work and preparation space! Often individuals don't have enough space for a new kitchen, or a built in island, but really require that little bit of extra space. Enter the freestanding island. These handy items can offer a place for food storage, a breakfast bar, as well as a great way to increase worktop space. 

Here in this example we see a truly gorgeous kitchen. The epitome of rustic, this kitchen features heritage style joinery, white counters, exposed stone walls, and a gorgeous floating bench. A bench like this can make a perfect DIY project, or if you are a little less keen to undertake some woodwork, you can always chat to a professional

Think shabby chic

Here at homify we love shabby chic designs. They incorporate the gorgeous elements of a rustic design, and pair them with a little attitude, and a dash of modernity. What could possibly be better than a gorgeously chic kitchen space, which feels welcoming, intriguing, unique and fun? Very little to tell the truth, these kitchens are utterly fabulous. 

Take a peek at this example. The light fittings really catch the eye with their bright yellow hue, and add to the overall aesthetic within the room. Chalkboard paint has been used for the walls, while exposed brick sits adjacent. The countertops are timber, with cloth covering the underside, very shabby-chic! All in all this is one fab design that shows you don't need expensive appliances and fancy worktops to achieve a stylish and fun cooking space. 

Picking a wall colour

Wall colour is definitely one of the harder choices when creating your rustic kitchen. Many individuals opt for a brighter tone to contrast against the timber, or potentially whitewashed appearance of their joinery, however, many choose a neutral hue for the very same reasons. Essentially it comes down to taste. Rustic kitchens will work well with many colour schemes, which is what makes them such a versatile choice. 

Often a bright wall in a mustard or red can inject a little life and charm into the space, while other times a neutral shade will create a sense of spaciousness. You should attempt to figure out the style and design you are wishing to achieve, and work towards incorporating a colour. If in doubt, choose a neutral or muted hue, these colours will go with practically any design, and can be changed, or altered with ease. 

Utilise reclaimed timber

Reclaimed timber is absolutely one of the best materials you will come across when redesigning your rustic kitchen. Here in this example we see a gorgeous kitchen space that is ultra-rustic, and very charming. The timber is weathered, and looks perfect against the bright oil stove. If you want to emulate this look in your own home, consider reclaimed wood to achieve that timeless and age-defiant appearance. 

Buy second hand

Looking at this new kitchen we get a few ideas about items that could be purchased second hand. Now, second hand doesn't mean broken or ugly, it can simply be an item that someone has previously utilised and now has no need for. This is when you are able to come in, and score some really great pieces for a fraction of the price! Not only do second hand kitchens save you money, they look wonderfully rustic. Choose something old with solid timber doors, and sturdy joinery. If you are going for a retro rustic vibe, you may also want to choose melamine tops or doors, which bring the essence of the '50s back to life. 

Think timber tones, stylish and sturdy joinery, as well as plenty of potential for renovation. Second hand kitchen pieces don't have to be simply the cabinetry either. Consider visiting your local vintage or thrift store and purchasing some old jars, containers, and tins to store your food!

Colourful accessories…

The final point we are taking a look at will put the decorative icing on the cake! Accessories—everybody needs them, and most of the time we have more than we know where to store! Generally we accumulate many items over time, and with household bits and bobs, this couldn't be truer. Rustic kitchens benefit from a large volume of accessories, and here in this room we see that a few colourful objects have been added to brighten things up. Whether you like a modern rustic style with a 'less is more' approach, or an out-there maximalist space, accessories will add style and panache to your home. 

Choose simple pieces that suit your theme. If you are going for something neutral, then choose earthy tones. If you want something to stand out, pick bright vivid colours. Choose vintage tones such as brown, mustard, and rust, to evoke a retro rustic country ambience. 

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What did you think of these rustic kitchens? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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