The quiet wooden home with a modern touch

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「大羽根園の家」, 若山建築設計事務所 若山建築設計事務所 Asian style media room
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Some of the most successful suburban and urban homes have fairly modest exteriors. That is because the architects have focused on creating a private atmosphere of comfort and privacy rather than a showy facade. This kind of home often opens up into surprisingly large living spaces and has unusual window placements with private views.

Today, we will explore a home that exhibits these qualities and more. It is a wooden home with the steeply sloping roof of a classic, half A-frame design. This kind of roof design is perfect for a private urban home. It was designed by Japanese architect Wakayama Arc and has a typically modern Japanese minimalist interior. Let's go on a photo tour for more details…

Modest single-level wooden facade

The home has a single-level facade with a modern rustic aesthetic. This gives it a typically humble Japanese feel. It's a house that looks at home in the natural landscape. The most distinctive element here is the steep sloping roof. It's made from galvanised metal of a black hue that seamlessly blends into the black wooden walls. Note the trees around the entrance on the left side of the home.

Half A-frame design

This side of the home looks out over a lightly forested area that offers a lot of privacy. In response, the architect has designed this wall with large glass panels. The half A-frame design creates a striking roof line and the opportunity for lots of high-set window light.


Here we have our first glimpse of the expansive living area. It's a surprisingly spacious interior for such a modest facade. This kind of ambiance is typical of a half A-frame style of home. We love how the sloping roof creates space for a series of high windows and a perfect little mezzanine. It's interesting to see how the tall chimney draws attention to the appealing timber ceiling beams.

Wooden sliding doors

Japanese homes are often furnished with wooden sliding doors known as shoji doors. In this home they are perfectly placed so as to allow light to pass through the walls and into the main living area of the home. They also give the home a very light and playful ambiance.

Private views

The high-set windows allow a huge amount of light to flow throughout the home. Although they are a fair distance from the mezzanine, it still enjoys direct sunlight. From this angle we can also see how privacy and leafy the views are from this level.

Broad wooden deck

In keeping with the natural theme, the home has a broad wooden deck or terrace. The dark hues blend perfectly into the surrounding forest life and give the home an earthy, modern feel. Note how the walls are made from loosely arranged slats of wood. They lighten the visual weight of the home and allow the natural surroundings to remain dominant.

For more earthy inspiration have a look at A classic wooden home for a large family.

What do you think of the half A-frame design?

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