modern Kitchen by Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados

45 pictures of kitchen cabinets you need to see today

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There are a few essentials when it comes to designing your kitchen. Of course, the worktops are crucial and the layout is a fundamental, but to really pull the design together it is the joinery that must be considered and deliberated.

Kitchen cupboards are the bricks and mortar of your cooking area. They offer storage for all the essentials, and impart a huge stylistic impression on the entire space. However, with such a wide range of options and possibilities, it can seem almost impossible to choose the right design. Colours, textures, styles and accessories are all vital, while the cabinets also need to fit your space, and reflect your aesthetic sensibilities.

If you’re planning a new kitchen or a makeover of your existing space, check out our 45 practical cabinets and joinery below. We’ve got colourful, dramatic and aspirational examples that are sure to impress and delight. Let’s check them out…

1. Want a warm ambience in your cooking space? Employ timber for a hospitable, welcoming vibe

2. The kitchen cabinets have been designed to keep every appliance neatly contained

modern Kitchen by SESSO & DALANEZI

Lapa | Decorados


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3. Neutral colours work beautifully paired with creative tiles

4. Consider pastel hues to provide individuality and tranquillity

5. Cabinets under the sink as well as shelving against the wall boosts storage without high costs

eclectic Kitchen by Ambientta Arquitetura
Ambientta Arquitetura


Ambientta Arquitetura

6. Built-in handles can help prevent incidents and keep the space looking sleek

7. This organised pantry is seriously chic and perfect to hold appliances

classic Kitchen by Davonport

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


8. This rustic kitchen combines contemporary cabinets with traditional doors

rustic Kitchen by Marcello Gavioli
Marcello Gavioli

BioMalta RAL 7010 Grigio Tenda

Marcello Gavioli

9. Pair simple cupboards with a bright wall colour for an eye-catching aesthetic

10. Be bold, opt for bright and impressive colours!

modern Kitchen by Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados
Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados

Apartamento do Homem Moderno—Morar Mais por Menos Vitoria 2015

Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados

11. Go monochromatic and pick a simple yet recessive hue

12. Consider an open kitchen island to house recipe books

classic Kitchen by Harvey Jones Kitchens
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

13. Opt for a white cupboard door to evoke a simple, clean look

14. Stainless steel is the ultimate chef’s choice for a usable kitchen

15. Add as many cupboards as possible to boost storage space

16. Black and white is a timeless marriage of enduring hues

17. Utilise multiple sources of lighting to enhance your cabinetry and liveability

18. Black is bold and dramatic, while hiding dirt and retaining a sleek atmosphere and aura

19. To add individuality to your kitchen’s style you can always add bright panels and cupboard doors

20. Corner cabinets can serve two different living spaces at once

21. Freestanding cabinets offer storage space for various objects

22. Distressed cabinets provide a vintage, country aesthetic

23. Vibrant colours are sure to boost your home’s liveliness and energy

modern Kitchen by Casa de Valentina
Casa de Valentina


Casa de Valentina

24. Do you like immaculate kitchens? Check out this brilliant example!

modern Kitchen by Teia Archdecor
Teia Archdecor

Cozinha High Tech

Teia Archdecor

25. A U-shaped kitchen can suit a variety of architectural cut-outs and niches

26. Think outside the box and consider glass cabinet doors

27. Spotlights draw attention to your cupboards

28. Minimalist kitchens are sleek, stylish and impressive

modern Kitchen by Txell Alarcon
Txell Alarcon

Devies Cook Company

Txell Alarcon

29. Don’t just think about the exterior of your cupboards – remember to check out the inside as well

30. Old meets new in this contemporary kitchen with traditional furniture

31. This joinery boasts an interior that is just as impressive as the exterior!

modern Kitchen by De Rosee Sa
De Rosee Sa


De Rosee Sa

32. Recessed lighting beautifully illuminates worktops

33. Add your stove to an island to create a space where the cook can interact with guests

34. Forget closed cupboards; these open shelves are accessible and fashionable

35. Full of personality, the joinery in this kitchen has plenty of holes that work as characterful handles

36. Elegant and unique, this colourful cooking space boasts an on-trend subdued yet dramatic blue hue

37. Continuing the joinery in this U-shaped kitchen provides a handy breakfast bar and place to eat

38. Let your crockery work as a standout feature with open shelves and glass doors

39. In this example the ovens have been integrated to promote a polish and slick effect

40. An entire wall of cupboards offers storage and plenty of room to keep all domestic appurtenances

41. Think retro with this bright, primary-coloured and characterful kitchen

42. Fitting free joinery is modern and contemporary, while pairing effortlessly with the traditional architecture

43. Curved-edge joinery leaves an organic and relaxed ambience

44. Boasting a vivid atmosphere and aura this room is rich in charm and charisma

eclectic Kitchen by MARIANGEL COGHLAN

45. Ticking all the boxes this contemporary kitchen is gorgeous juxtaposed against its wicker ceiling

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