15 modest yet perfect homes you'll wish were yours

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Stylish dwellings that steal the limelight don’t necessarily need to evoke opulent extravagance. In actuality, properties that exude reserve are often scene-stealers in their own right. Minimalism, functionality and a sense of sophistication can help create a truly individual and interestingly modest home.

Of course everyone’s definition of modesty varies, but we’ve collated 15 of our favourites that we believe opt for simple yet eye-catching designs, while shirking the desire for an over-the-top or grandiose appearance. Would you like to see which houses made the cut? Read on below and glean a few ideas or tips for your new abode!

1. First up we take a look at this compact home, which although modest is anything but boring! Timber-clad and geometric it’s façade is sure to turn heads.

2. This concrete cube is an attention-grabbing yet surprisingly modest façade. Offering a rooftop terrace and small front garden, we really would like to see the interior!

3. Simple, traditional and gorgeous, this enticing home is rather compact yet makes the most of the garden and outdoor space

4. With a saltbox roof and a modern yet modest façade this perfect home is family friendly and perfectly adapted to the landscape

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5. This next dwelling offers a very simple exterior, with a flat roof and a perfect outdoor entertaining space

6. A bold yet unassuming entrance offers this interesting dwelling a sense of privacy and uniqueness

7. Blending into the white horizon of the sky this home blends nature with architecture and the results are striking

If you need assistance with your own home design, talk to an architect to get some expert designs and advice!

8. During the day this rather modest home is an interesting yet simple dwelling; at night its shines with impressive illuminated views

9. Slotted into a tiny and narrow section of the street this modest home really impresses on the inside and the outside

10. Offering privacy from the neighbours, this dwelling is truly interesting and makes the most of different split levels

11. Modest and minimal, this abode offers simplicity and sophistication

12. Dramatic, bold and alluring, this property is intriguing and makes a daring statement within the street

13. Timber-clad and cube-like, this residence illuminates at night as the windows shine light throw the individual wooden slats

14. Standing out from the surrounding homes, this property is modest yet extremely confident and wonderfully individual

15. With a shed roof and a retro aesthetic, this modern timber home works beautifully within its lush, green surroundings

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