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Certain materials just seem incapable of looking anything other than beautiful and natural stone is definitely up them amongst the best of them. We've found a truly breathtaking home that has used natural stone in some of the most eye-catching and innovative ways possible and the finished product is a wonderfully cohesive home that was clearly the result of a visionary architect's work. If you're keen to use more organic materials in your home, come with us now and be inspired by stone!

The perfect façade.

This home would have been pretty without the chunky stonework accents, but with them, it is truly incredible! Tonally perfect with the cream render that's been used on most of the walls, the pale stones have made such easy work of drawing the eye to the front door here, which itself adds a warmth that only natural wood can.

From outside, in.

We can understand exactly why the architect sought to include a matching interior wall here, as you can clearly see how well it works, thanks to the naturally pale tones the ripple through the installation. What a way to make an entrance really standout in it's own right!

A fantastic fire surround.

What better way to house a contemporary inset fire, than in a stunning stone wall? It's not just beautiful, but also practical, given that other materials might not fair as well when in close proximity to heat! As a means of adding some warm contrast to an otherwise all-white space, the stone here is perfection!

Embracing the tones.

Standing back and looking at the living room area in the open-plan space, you really get a sense of just how much the natural stone, that's been included wherever possible, has impacted on other design choices. The honey wicker seating area seen here, for example, really taps into the more peachy, apricot tones of some of the blocks that can be seen in the fire surround. 

An affinity for the organic.

Is it just us, or are you also loving all the inclusions of organic materials? This dining table is yet another addition that taps into the rich palette that mother nature has to offer and we think it looks unbelievably good! Again, it contrasts with the stark white walls and adds such a nuance of richness that it is inescapable.

Something different.

We may have been expecting a rustic wooden feature wall or even a stone one in the master bedroom here, but what a pleasant surprise this shocking pink number is! Looking every inch the ideal bedroom for a fun and energetic resident, we love how this one wall has totally transformed the room and slightly altered our perception of the rest of the home. it certainly makes us want to explore more, that's for sure!

Back to nature.

As you step outside, you are embraced by cool, neutral tones and luscious greenery in equal measure and it's a heady mix. With a lovely terrace all ready to use, this must be a much-cherished extra space that reinforces the love of nature. Just look at the pretty flagstones and they'll confirm that no expense has been spared, even outside!

A stunning home, we think you'll agree, but if you'd like to see even more beautiful uses of stone, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 ways to decorate your walls with stone (so they look spectacular!)

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