21 fresh ways to add plants to your home

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Indoor plants are more than just a pretty face. Stylish, sophisticated and über-cool, these frondescent friends of ours offer a range of detoxifying benefits to our dwellings and our lives. Proven to reduce the volume of toxins in our home, as well as boosting the overall purity of the air we breathe, there are plenty of reasons to add some life, colour and foliage to your apartment or house. 

However, adding these can often present some stylistic challenges. To help you out we’ve gathered 21 simple décor and design ideas that are sure to offer a little inspiration and a few ideas. Ready to begin? Read on below!

1. A simple plant in each corner adds life and an eye-catching accessory

Plants with texture Custom Media Living roomAccessories & decoration
Custom  Media

Plants with texture

Custom Media

2. This central indoor garden is seriously chic and will definitely improve the home’s atmosphere

The Running Wall Residence, LIJO.RENY.architects LIJO.RENY.architects Houses

The Running Wall Residence


3. A vertical green wall is a space-saving alternative

Lightwell, Clapham Biotecture Interior landscaping

Lightwell, Clapham


Vertical walls can be tricky to design and grow – chat to a professional to ensure you get the right design and some expert advice. If you'd like to see some more plants and landscaping ideas, head over here and put together your own Ideabook.

4. Place plants on stairs for a sweet and unconventional substitute

5. A countertop planter is ideal for herbs and edibles

New Crane Wharf TLA Studio Modern kitchen
TLA Studio

New Crane Wharf

TLA Studio

6. Add plants at the top of cabinets for positive feng shui in your kitchen

7. If you have a light well, it can be the ideal place to grow a variety of lush plants

8. Create some living artworks with a frame and several delicate plants

9. Upside down plants can be hung from a variety of locations and brighten your home with ease!

10. Check out these fabulous animal vases that house low-maintenance succulents!

Animal Head Wall Vase rigby & mac Living roomAccessories & decoration
rigby & mac

Animal Head Wall Vase

rigby & mac

11. A terrarium is a nice alternative to large indoor plants, yet still looks fabulous and lively

Aztec Cube Terrarium as Stunning Table Centrepiece The Urban Botanist Interior landscaping
The Urban Botanist

Aztec Cube Terrarium as Stunning Table Centrepiece

The Urban Botanist

12. These hanging plants are grouped together and save floor space in a compact apartment

13. Add colour with bright plants and vivid planters

14. A balcony can offer a great space for a range of plants from cacti to succulents

ferm LIVING Image Photos, ferm LIVING ferm LIVING Balconies, verandas & terraces Plants & flowers

ferm LIVING Image Photos


15. For something different this table has been built to accommodate a growing tree

16. A wall-mounted planter adds class and convenience to this contemporary room

17. Go natural with a happy plant and a terracotta pot

18. Ferns and palms are low-maintenance and look great on a balcony

19.Delicate branches work very well in offering a minimal, sleek aesthetic

20. Plants in the bathroom look excellent and help regulate humidity

21. Keep plants by the window to soak up the sun and help them grow easily and well

Are you ready to grow some plants? If you’d like to learn more, check out: 12 small but charming bedrooms to copy

Do you have any favourite plant vareities to grow inside? Add your comments below!

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