6 clever ways to merge your kitchen and living room

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In our hectic urban times, domestic life has been designed to fit many functions into compact quarters. This has a major bearing on how we design these spaces. Most apartments and homes today have open plans, in order to propagate better flow when it comes to design, as well as functionality. The kitchen and living room are two spaces that may seem like the most unlikely contenders for such a combination, yet when we entertain and cook meals, we like to be a part of conversations and other activities. So come and take a look at the ideal ways in which you can merge your living room with your kitchen!

1. Arrange for seating in the centre

One good way of making both the kitchen and the living room merge in effectively is to make use of the space in the centre for seating. If you look at this image closely, you will find that the designers have created bench-like seating as an extension of the island and then placed a small indoor swing with vibrant yellow seating on one side. Not only is the seating lightweight, but it is also a wholesome touch that brings the two spaces together, so one can sit down and chat with the chef! Take a cue from this space designed by the architects at Dreaming Carpenter.

2. Add layers

The designers have created some brilliant visual play by creating layers between both the areas. The most interesting look is down the steps that connect the living room and dining area with the sunken kitchen. This also helps in creating a cosy feel right in the heart of the rather modern and minimalistic home.

3. Install a glass door

Installing a sliding glass door, like the one seen here, ensures you have privacy whilst remaining connected to both the living room and kitchen in a fluid manner. This will also give you the leeway to open the door and let the conversation flow and guests come into the kitchen, or keep it closed for a more formal look.

4. Create a reading corner

You can create a reading corner to sit between the living room and kitchen, for a semi-formal addition between both spaces. This will make for more fluid functionality when it comes to the design of the entire space. This reading corner has a cute bench and lots of books along a wall done up with shelves.

5. Install a bar

Nothing helps you go from formal to casual like a bar! Install a bar between the living room and kitchen, so as to create a casual space on one side of the island where people can enjoy a drink while you cook.

6. Use the connecting wall

In the case of a particularly small apartment, create a window like this one in the connecting wall so that the space is both demarcated and connected at the same time.

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