16 modern bathrooms with fabulous showers!

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The bathroom is our ultimate vanity room where we unwind before and after the challenge of a new day. Accordingly, this space should have all the essential elements in terms of style and function, so that we're able to breathe easy here. The shower is one of the areas that needs a careful combination of both these factors. Here we've selectively compiled a list of 16 showers that are fabulously modern—take a look!

1. Barely-there beauty

The transparent shower stall with invisible frames is an understated delight in this stone-inspired bathroom. It was designed by the architects at GLR Arquitectos.

2. Warm yet modern

The warm wooden tones of our next bathroom find the perfect counterpart in this glass and chrome shower.

3. Seamless rendition

This shower room is a treat to the senses and sits right in the centre, with its almost imperceptible frame and ethereal glass walls rising to the ceiling.

4. Play of vibrant lighting

The vibrant lights of this bathroom go from purple to gold and create a rather colourful look, with the frosted glass shower room.

5. Throwing a curveball

This rock-textured curved wall in the shower stall is a rather bold one, in the neutral setting of the rest of the space.

6. Whimsical setting

The egg-shaped bathtub right next to the shower stall lends a whimsical touch in the serious-looking space. The lighting also creates the right ambience around the white tub and glass walls.

7. In the spotlight

With a spotlight in the ceiling, this shower space comes alive with a well-lit look that shows off the dual-toned style of the bathroom.

8. Private quarters

The frosted glass and mirrors mounted on the walls of the shower make for a private oasis in this bathroom.

9. Stone wall

The stylish stone wall of this space separates the sink and the shower room elegantly.

10. Balancing act

The floating glass walls perfectly encase the shower here, whilst allowing an open-plan feel to dominate alongside neutral tones.

11. Industrial chic

The industrial chic good looks of this brick and white bathroom, complete with frameless shower stall on one side, make for serious bath time eye candy!

12. Contemporary rustic

The shower room in this stone bathroom has been installed diagonally in a corner, with modern white fittings outside.

13. Unique and natural

This chic bathroom and its shower space have a unique tone, bearing the natural grain of stone and marble for a luxurious look.

14. Pop of colour

This kind of colour pop is good for a small space, where you can sneak in a panel of bold-hued tiles to peep out from the extra slim glass walls.

15. Open and neat

This neat shower stall has an open layout with a solid wall. Creamy white candles finish the look, offsetting the slate grey walls perfectly.

16. Frame it!

The glass walls of this shower cubicle are held in black metal frames, imparting a classic monochrome look. Our favourite!

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Which of these showers would you pick?

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