7 simple steps to a beautiful bathroom

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You deserve to have a beautiful bathroom that you'll enjoy using every day. We'll show you the basic elements that go into designing a bathroom and how you can layer them to suit your tastes perfectly. Let's start our guide now and get inspired by the photos of beautiful bathrooms that we've collected for you. 

Basic elements

The basic elements of a bathroom are all the same; a sink, a bath or shower, and some storage. Combine these elements with different colours and materials to create your style. In this bathroom, these elements are combined to create a warm and cohesive whole. The beautiful wood counter is echoed by the hanging lanterns by the tub. Handsome dark floors are accented by an unexpected rug that acts as the room’s focal point. Neutral tones and minimalist design make this bathroom a relaxing retreat.


Fixtures are the pieces you interact with in the bathroom every day. They should be functional and beautiful. Choose fixtures that fit the style and mood of your bathroom. Fixtures can be clean and simple or they can be striking pieces in your bathroom. Sleek and minimalistic fixtures are a popular choice because they fit with most styles. We love this retro crane fixture with white accents because it adds glamour to the bathroom.


Bathrooms usually don’t get the luxury of having extensive windows. Those windows have to be covered up for privacy, too! You need to have good lighting in the bathroom. Make sure the sink and mirror are well lit so that you can get ready with more ease. It’s hard to fake natural light, but the easiest way is to choose clean bright white light. This bathroom has additional lighting fixtures to set the mood and make the bathroom fun.


You might not think to furnish the bathroom with a seat. It’s one overlooked feature that makes the bathroom unexpectedly practical. In this bathroom, the corner is fashioned into a seat. It’s a great place to keep your towels and clothes while you shower. If you need help, contact a professional on homify today so you can get a great look like this is your home.


Adding textiles to the bathroom adds atmosphere and warmth. Colours and textures from towels can change the energy of any bathroom. Clean white linens give a chic vibe like being at a hotel spa. These floral patterned towels bring freshness and cheer. We also love textiles like high pile bath mats because they create a cozy feeling on our feet after a shower!

Finishing touches

Check out this cheeky mural in a superhero themed bathroom! Having art in the bathroom makes spending time in there more enjoyable. Make sure the art you pick is resistant to the humidity. Your choices can fit a theme, like in this bathroom, or simply add to the ambience. Art and decor pieces finish the look of any home.


Plants in the bathroom create a unique atmosphere that we love. Some plants love living in the bathroom. Make sure to find those ones that love the humidity and shade that it provides them. Having a bathroom full of lush green plants creates a freshness that no other element can provide.

We hope you enjoyed our 7 steps to a beautiful bathroom! In addition to the basic elements, you can layer on the tips on our guide beautiful bathrooms. For more inspiration, check out our feature on 4 fantastic bathroom renos

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