18 entrance hallways your guests will love

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The slightest little upgrade to the entrance hallway has the power to make your whole home feel warm and welcoming for guests. The entrance hallway is also one of the most commonly under-furnished areas of the home, so a little bit of attention to the hallway will instantly lift your home above the rest. But the best thing about entrance areas is that they are fairly small. This means they doesn’t require a whole lot of work—or funds to make them comfortable and stylish! So, let’s check out some ideas on how to create an entrance your guests will love.

1. An internal pond with stepping stones

A water feature always adds a decadent touch to the entrance. This one even has stepping stones that are sure to be a hit with young guests.

2. Artistic talking points

Some guests will need some fodder for conversation. In this regard wall art can be handy. It looks fabulous with dedicated lighting like this.

3. A hallway seat like a throne

This wooden entrance area has a seat that resembles a throne. It's not just an area to receive guests, but a little reader corner as well. Your guests may never actually leave the entrance with a hallway like this.

4. Spectacular pendant lights

Long dramatic pendant lights look fantastic in a tall and narrow space. They will draw the eye upwards and give the entrance an inspiring quality.

5. The perfect seat and storage spot

Entrance seating doesn't always need to be grand, but it does need to be comfortable. This is particularly so if you have a no-shoes policy in the home. This entrance has a bench-style seat that's not too formal either.

6. Youthful innovation

Your home entrance doesn't always have to look super smart. In fact, a more relaxed, playful entrance arrangement will help your guests relax and feel at home.

7. A living green wall

The good thing about a green living wall is that it takes up vertical, not horizontal space. It's also extremely easy to create this look of abundance if you have a plant with long tendrils.

8. Subtle lighting easy on the eyes

Guests don't want to be hit with glaring lights that are harsh on the eyes. Far better to install some subtle lighting like this. The lights also illuminate the natural textures of the stone walls and give the home a gentle sophistication.

9. Harmonious aesthetics

Guests love the opportunity to check their appearance on arriving. A simple floral arrangement also adds a gentle touch. This hallway arrangement also has a soft table lamp that will cast their reflection in a flattering light.

10. Some reading matter

Some of your guests may have been dragged along to visit by their significant others. They could also be young adults who don't really feel comfortable with the formalities of visiting. These are the guests who will really appreciate an entrance with lots of opportunities for exploring reading matter or artwork on the walls.

11. A plush seat to rest upon

This gorgeous turquoise blue seat looks so totally comfy it's sure to be a hit with guests young and old. It makes the entrance area a plush place to linger and take stock before entering the home. 

12. Distinguished and interesting entrance

Lots of small homes have entrance areas that are an extension of the main living area. The problem with this kind of layout is that it doesn't give your guests the space to take stock and be properly introduced. Some open wall dividers like this are a good compromise.

13. A cute little hanging stand

This cute little coat rack looks like a crafty homemade tree. It has a friendly feel that adds a nice welcoming touch to the entrance area. Note the mix and match cupboard doors.

14. An entrance they will never want to leave!

The floral mural in this teal entrance area is so beautiful your guests are sure to linger. It also has a good round glass table that provides a focal point.

15. Simple, efficient and welcoming

No matter how small or large your entrance area, all you really need is space to greet your guests and store their belongings. A couple of friendly plants like this are also a good choice.

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What do you think of the options we've explored today?

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