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Happy Valley Residential Apartment. Oui3 International Limited Colonial style houses
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Many of the best interior design concepts are pretty much impossible to sum up with reference to a single style. That is certainly the case as far as this particular apartment is concerned. Dripping with luxury, it melds old-fashioned colonial elegance with an infusion of classic Asian elements, and though it’s designed to appeal to traditional tastes it manages to incorporate quite a few nods to modernity at the same time. To put it simply, this is an apartment that has a lot going on. Intrigued? Take a peek, below.

​The dining room

The dining room probably offers the most comprehensive introduction to the many different aesthetic elements of which the interior of this apartment is composed. Seen at a brief glance, it’s beautiful but predictable, an absolutely classic eating area designed in the French style. But take a closer look and the multitude of different influences at work here rapidly becomes clear. For a start, notice the Buddha sculptures that hint at the true geographical position of this apartment: not Europe after all, but Asia. Meanwhile, that table that might appear to old-fashioned based on a quick look at its exquisitely detailed carved legs turns out to be something a lot more unusual once you get the chance to properly take it in. The top is completely mirrored; a sharply contemporary touch that subverts expectations and jars satisfyingly with some of the more conventional features of the space. This meeting of old and new is perhaps even more clearly seen in the chairs chosen to accompany the table. Each one is a perfect example of the Louis XIV style… but cast in clear plastic. It’s a modern take on a vintage style that neatly summarises the designer’s intent for this apartment.

​The tea room

This relaxed family living space recycles the same decorative themes, but in its own particular way. Once again there’s a mirrored table, though this time it’s a far less grand version. And as before, there’s that carefully curated swirl of inter-continental inspiration. The vibrant red Chinese rug brings a fabulous energy into the room, providing just the right amount of colour to counterbalance the sedate white silks of the European style seating. The striking pair of Chinese pictures seen at the back are, of course, the dominant features of this room – and they deserve to be.

​The guest lounge

In the guest lounge, carefully designed to really make an impression, visitors can sit around this ornate Chinese coffee table or wander out onto the balcony through the folding doors which take up an entire wall of the room. Notice the mirrored panels seen on the left-hand side of this picture, which appear to open up this already spacious and bright area even further.

​The bathroom

Having seen the rest of the house, it would probably be a pretty big surprise if there wasn’t a fabulous free-standing bath tub in the bathroom –and what do you know, there is!  As in all the other rooms, mirrors are important here, and this magnificently lavish colonial mirror may be the most impressive example we’ve seen so far.

​The master bedroom

Sleeping in this incredibly decadent bedroom, with its rich brocade bedding and luxurious Chinese rug, would surely inspire dreams of greatness in even the most humble soul.

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