10 home décor mistakes you're probably making

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We humans make the same mistakes in life—and our homes—time and time again. But what distinguishes a professional interior designers' home from any other, is that they are more accustomed to recognising and avoiding these common decorating mistakes. So, what are these gaffes? Well, as you might have guessed, we're about to explore them today. We bet absolutely everyone has committed one of these mistakes in their lifetime. Let's get the lowdown and sort your home decor out!

1. Badly fitted sheets and inadequate pillows

A good night's sleep is the single most important part of a healthy life. So don't skimp on the furnishings. Get decent head support and decent linens that let your skin breathe.

2. Disorder

The most common flaw strikes everyone at some point. General disorder can make your home life feel chaotic and exhausting. Set aside an uninterrupted period of time to choose a place for everything.

3. Mismatching bathroom furniture and accessories

Bathroom fixtures, furniture and appliances are often a mismatch of styles. The fixings can often be replaced quite quickly. The bathroom furniture should be chosen super carefully to make the most of the space.

4. Overdecorating the bedroom

The bedroom might your private sanctuary, but that doesn't excuse the common mistakes of stuffing everything of interest in this one room. Make the bedroom decor simple so it's a place to really switch off and get a good night's rest.

5. Ignoring the function of the room

Most home decorating enthusiasts have lost their way when creating the room of their dreams. Just don't forget that everything needs to serve a function as well. Use this function to guide your way.

6. Putting too many competing elements in the room

Every design needs to have a firm focal point. Choose the one element to focus on then build your design around this. Any other approach will make the room feel cluttered and busy.

8. Blocking out the natural light

Natural light brings energy and vivaciousness to any interior. So don't hang your curtains in front of the windows, arrange them to hang on either side. Similarly, don't place objects within the room that block light from reaching the farthest corners.

9. Poor lighting in the kitchen and work areas

No matter how much natural light your kitchen receives, the far cupboards and benches are almost always too dimly lit. Invest in some good strips lights AND task lights. That way you'll be able to see everything.

10. Badly organised closet

It is exceedingly rare to arrive in a new home with a closet that's perfect for you. If everything doesn't have its' own designated storage are your life will still feel like a mess. A bedroom storage unit like this is perfect!

Lots of the problems we have explored today can be resolved with good storage. Next, let's have a look at 6 small homes with brilliant space-saving ideas.

Are there any other decorating misdemeanours you're guilty of?

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