The 14 best (and worst) garden investments

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Breve Panoramica Dei Nostri Lavori, Tende Ravini Tende Ravini Mediterranean style garden
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The garden is the space where we can relax in a green environment, with fresh air and birds chirping all around. Any green spot can become an idyllic haven, when made up of the right design elements. Yet it's important to make prudent purchases when it comes to decorating your outdoor area. So today we look at some of the best and worst garden investments out there, to guide you to your perfect green space! Enjoy.

​1. Good idea—paved surfaces

Taras drewniany w Warszawie., PHU Bortnowski PHU Bortnowski

This is a very good investment in the garden, helping to define your outdoor space as well as keeping the area well groomed. The various kinds of material available go from wood to stone, as well as pebbles or gravel. One of the others benefits of such paved surfaces is that one can easily organise a table and chairs for summer socialising!

​2. Bad idea—too many fancy plants

Sommergarten, Colonial style garden Plants & flowers

There are many fancy and exotic flowers out there that require a lot of attention in terms of upkeep. Opting for these is not a wise idea, unless you have a lot of time and plenty of know-how.

​3. Good idea—privacy with good looks

Taras drewniany i ogrodzenie. Realizacja w Zielonej Górze., PHU Bortnowski PHU Bortnowski

Ensuring you have your privacy is an important matter in such spaces. Yet, you also need to make sure you choose good materials and a symmetrical pattern that will suit the rest of your facade.

​4. Bad idea—energy-sapping lights

Außenleuchten der Marke, Modern garden Lighting

Don't invest in cables and bulbs when you can turn to a more sustainable way of lighting up your garden. Make use of solar panels and bulbs that may take some effort to install, but will be very efficient in the long run.

​5. Good idea—hardy shrubs for good cover

Neugestaltung eines Wohlfühlgartens an einem Blockhaus, Gärten für Auge und Seele Gärten für Auge und Seele Mediterranean style garden Plants & flowers

When you plant lots of different shrubs, like in this example, you can layer your garden well and give it some structure.

6. Bad idea—high maintenance features

homify Modern garden Accessories & decoration

When you install pieces such as these, lovely as they are, you'll end up with lots of maintenance on your hands. This will eat into your time and energy as you try to figure out how best to use them!

7. ​Good idea—evergreen plants

Сад , Студия "ART Story" Студия 'ART Story' Country style garden Plants & flowers

Lush, evergreen plants will keep your garden looking fresh all year round. This lovely green space is a creation by Studio Art Story, a company dealing with garden and landscape supplies.

​8. Bad idea—growing everything from seed

homify Industrial style garden Plants & flowers

If you're starting a garden of your own for the first time, begin with plants rather than seeds. The germination and cultivation process can be a bit daunting for a newbie!

​9. Good idea—covered outdoor seating

Breve Panoramica Dei Nostri Lavori, Tende Ravini Tende Ravini Mediterranean style garden Greenhouses & pavilions

It's a good idea to create a covered patio like this one, so you can sit out and enjoy a meal or book in any weather!

​10. Bad idea—commercial pesticides

Sommergarten, Rustic style garden Plants & flowers

Commercial pesticides are never a good idea. These substances have a detrimental effect on the environment and the general health of your garden.

​11. Good idea—a classic grill

Romana wood fired oven La Hacienda Classic style garden Fire pits & barbecues

Opt for a classic and durable grill that will keep barbecues simple! There's nothing better than some freshly-cooked food in the sun.

​12. Bad idea—too many ornaments

homify Eclectic style garden Natural Fibre Green Accessories & decoration

Too many mass-produced ornaments won't look stylish, and end up cluttering your space.

​13. Good idea—getting a gardener


A professional gardener is a fantastic idea for a sparkling green space. It's an investment worth making if you'll be spending a lot of time outside.

​14. Bad idea—non-waterproof furniture

Barlow Tyrie, Brandstores - das Markenmöbel Portal Brandstores - das Markenmöbel Portal Classic style garden Furniture

This is an absolute garden no-no, as it can lead to rotting or damaged chairs, tables and other important items.

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