10 simple organisational tricks to start the new year

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Jumpstart your January by organising your home and getting your affairs in order! That’s right folks, the new year is upon us and it’s time to follow through with some of your new year promises. 

Was ‘get organised’ on your list of resolutions? If it was, you’re in for a treat, as we’re bringing you 10 simple organisational tricks for 2017. Not only is this a fabulous time to build some healthy habits, it’s also a great time to lose some of your less than helpful practices. 

If your home is disorganised, it’s likely your life will feel it too. Ready to get started? Read on below and check out our 10 top tips!

1. Digital de-clutter time

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We spend so much time talking about de-cluttering our homes, but rarely focus on de-cluttering our computers. Is your desktop filled with temporary files? Focus on your file management and clean up your hard drive, ensuring everything is in a logical location.

2. Get your papers in order

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Papers undeniably build up over the year, and the advent of a new year is the perfect time to pull everything out and focus on keeping only the necessities.

3. Clear out those cupboards

Your cupboards often end up with mess and junk within. Audit your storage, removing any pieces of mess that you deem unnecessary. Be brutal and get rid of that household junk to keep your dwelling chic and clean! Remember, if you're lacking storage space in your home, an interior designer is often a good place to start in adding those essential domestic necessities. 

4. Streamline your ‘new year’ clean

Forget spring cleaning, new year cleaning is the new necessity for your abode. Designate tasks and cleaning areas to different household members and get it done twice as fast.

5. Make lists

Clutter tends to pile up over the festive holiday season, and it can be tricky keeping everything in check. Making lists is a great way to ensure you undertake everything you set out to, while minimising wasted time and energy.

6. Optimise your kitchen

Christmas often takes its toll on your kitchen, so the new year is a great time to give it a thorough clean and audit. Get rid of any broken plates, glasses or utensils, and grab a screwdriver to tighten any handles on pots and pans.

7. Downsize your domestic accessories, accoutrements and appurtenances

Do you really need everything your own? Often we accumulate pieces that we really don’t require, these contribute to a sense of clutter, and can be easily sold/donated/gifted to those in need.

8. The bathroom stocktake

Your bathroom is used so frequently it deserves a regularly clean and update. Get rid of any items that are old or expired, while organising any additional odds and ends that simply cause clutter (hair ties and pins, we’re looking at you!).

9. Clean and prepare your outside area

After a festive season or a holiday, your terrace or balcony is likely to have suffered. However, you’re still going to want to use it in the coming months, so it is a good idea to spend a day cleaning, preparing and fixing your outdoor spaces.

10. Label everything

Although this might make you feel as though you’re back in grade school, labelling all of your household items can really take the mess and guesswork out of your home organisation. Put odd and ends in well-labelled containers and you’ll thank yourself later, we guarantee it!

Are you ready to organise your life, or do you need some more encouragement? Check out some beautiful homes here, and motivate yourself today!

Do you have any other tips or tricks for our homify community?

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