Bedrooms: 6 designs for double beds

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All the rooms in a home are a fusion of the tastes and needs of the people who live there. In the day-to-day life of a family home, few spaces are dedicated exclusively to the parents, therefore the bedroom should be a sacred enclosure where the couple can relax and share private moments.

It's a place to talk about work, the bustle of life, traffic, children, dreams, future plans, goals and upcoming adventures… as well as to sleep! All this requires a peaceful, romantic and yet practical environment. So here are 6 beautiful double bed designs to give you ideas! Enjoy.

1. Chic and minimal

Architects Kababie bring us a fresh, youthful and romantic design here. A dark bed base covered in sage green fabric rests on a light wooden floor. The main wall, despite being concrete, does not seem cold thanks to the warm golden light of the lamps either side. Separate reading lights provide a practical touch, so that everyone can go about their business independently. But at the same time, the symmetrical design creates an intimate and welcoming space.

2. Reflections

The monumental mirror is the protagonist of this glorious boudoir. A useful feature, it also helps to prepare for cocktail nights or to check a dress or tie before heading out on the town together. The bed design here is matched by chic padded wall coverings around the headboard, the luxurious carpet, the ottoman, and bedding. The wood of the drawers around the frame of the mirror is a bright walnut colour, adding a pleasant touch that is both welcoming and generous and which makes this room a magical place to be.

3. Rustic and modern

Wallpaper designers present this original proposal for a headboard or wall behind the bed. If you have a taste for warm colours and a rustic touch, this room should delight! The entire wall of the headboard is covered by a tapestry of faded rustic boards in a palette of greys and browns. Of course, you can go further and create your own wall of real boards, using any colours you like. You could even match the palette with the bedding to change the whole mood of the room in which you sleep! Need more inspiration? Find more bedroom ideas here.

4. Fire and wood

Wood everywhere! What will not be lacking in this room is heat! P + 0 Arquitectura present a majestic queen room in a wealth of timber tones. Rich shades shine in different intensities and appeal to the touch. The bedding, in bright colours and silks, looks thoroughly luxurious and inviting.

A double room is the perfect excuse to decorate and spend quality time together. Here at homify we hope to give you as many ideas as possible to get your creativity flowing!

5. Contemporary couple

Are you a sophisticated and modern couple? For a room where the colour black reigns supreme, this example is ideal. The wallpaper of the main wall is in satin and matte black; the perfect setting for a sober bed design with buttoned headboard in grey. Cream and bronze bedding are the perfect combination, giving warmth as the wooden floor returns heat to this room. Simply irresistible!

Inspired to try something similar? It's always a good idea to consult a professional when making a big change to your interior design.

6. French style

'French lifestyle' is what the designers, Grange Mexico, named the style of this room. The wardrobe, the headboard and the ottoman at the foot of the bed are all made of a light wood, highlighted with bright yellow accents. The buttoned tapestry of the bench gives it an air of classic romance. A charming, quirky and vibrant place in which to relax and sleep!

Which of these bedroom ideas is your favourite?

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