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11 storage tricks for seriously small bathrooms

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Great bathroom storage can make the difference between a bathroom that feels cluttered or claustrophobic and one that feels clean and efficient. And with homes getting smaller and smaller, there are lots of really creative ideas out there on how to make the most of that precious space in a small bathroom.

So today we've gathered some seriously smart small bathroom ideas to help you along the way! Some involve serious renovations, while others might spark a quick DIY project. Whatever your situation, there is definitely something here to inspire our readers to appreciate some of the most commonly overlooked storage spaces in a small bathroom.

1. Magic mirrored wall cabinets

Mirrored wall cabinets are an old standby in bathroom design. But newer units often have the side panels made from mirror as well. This is great because the mirrors make the bathroom feel brighter and lighter too.

2. Wall shelves above the toilet

The wall space above the toilet is often overlooked. In this small bathroom it's been used to create a great little decorative shelf. This area could work just as well with a closed cabinet too.

3. Corner shelves in the shower

The corners of any room are usually wasted storage space and this is certainly true for most bathrooms. This super tiny bathroom has some very smooth corner shelves. Note how the curved edges make them blend into the lines of the bathroom.

4. Storage ladder

Storage ladders have been popular for a while now. They are great because they use vertical space and can be really handy for temporary storage. They are also the storage item of choice for those who can't make permanent changes to the fixtures in the bathroom.

5. A bathroom ledge

Eating into the itsy-bitsy floor space of a small bathroom can definitely feel counter-intuitive. But in aesthetic terms, a ledge can really pay off because it creates a very streamlined, simple look in a small bathroom. Even the most narrow ledge or false panel like this can create a lot of shelf space.

6. Shelving over the basin

This tiny little yellow bathroom has a sink enclosed within shelving. It definitely intrudes on headspace, but it's the perfect choice for such a small bathroom.

7. Colour co-ordinated shelving

There are so many small bathroom accessories and solutions around, that the main barrier to installation is often aesthetic. This is where a streamlined, colour co-ordinated is really important. Go to town on all those quirky little wall mounted units you'll find, but make sure they create a unified look.

8. Something a little different

It's hard to imagine that toilet paper would ever become a decorative piece—but it certainly works in this little bathroom. The key takeaway here is that wall storage can do double duty as decoration.

9. Customised corner cabinet

The bathroom designers here have created a wall cabinet with an angled corner to create a little extra space. The side area here could also be used to create open shelving as well. Note the importance of a top mounted basin in creating more storage space. 

10. Floating shelves

The vertical space in the bathroom is your friend. Have a look at these floating shelves. They fit neatly into the narrow space beside the toilet and add a little rustic warmth to this bathroom.

11. A seriously narrow wooden shelf

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ÁBATON Arquitectura


ÁBATON Arquitectura

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. Customised and super shallow or narrow cabinets can be slotted into even the smallest areas. Check out this simple cabinet for inspiration.

For more small home ideas, have a look at 16 life improving tricks for those with little wardrobes.

Which of these bathroom storage ideas will you try?
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