The dreamy hillside home for a happy family

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Samy & Ricky Arquitetura Modern pool
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Cascading levels, gorgeous views and a bright, vibrant ambiance define the free spirit of the Brazilian family home we'll explore today.

A hillside location can be a tricky thing to navigate in structural terms. But as we will see today, the payoffs can be immense. Brazilian architects Samy & Ricky, have used the unique advantages of a sloping block to create a dwelling that feels both cosy and awe-inspiring. The secret, we feel, lies in the layout of the various levels and the striking combination of rustic and modern finishes. Let's go on a photo tour to see more! We have lots of photos, so once the tour has finished, keep scrolling for more pictures…

Discreet entrance

The home has been designed to follow the natural curves and undulations of the land. It has strong geometric lines, but the rich combination of volumes that make up the building add a lot of variety to the exterior. This makes the home feel harmonious with the landscape. The winding driveway is a perfect example of how the shape of the land can be used to advantage. Here, it makes the home entrance feel quite private.

Stunning views

The entrance is recessed and feels private. But inside the home, it creates space for some rather stunning views of the terraced gardens. Most of the walls in the home are made from large glass windows in this style so the landscape infuses the home with a big, outdoorsy spirit.

Here in the entrance we also get our first glimpse of the combination of modern details and chunky wooden surfaces used throughout the home.

Pool with a view

Carving out space for an indoor pool can be destructive for the land, but that's not a problem in a block with a steeply sloping hill like this. Granted, the landscapers did need to create a large wooden platform for the pool, but it certainly adds to the luxurious spirit of the home.

Bright colour accents

Brazilian homes are often known for their vivacious colours and modern spirit. Here in the living room, we have a classic example of how stunning this combination can be. The interiors have a bright, neutral base that reflects all that natural light. But it is made richer and warmer by the use of wooden feature walls and furnishings.

Smart separation of living spaces

The split level structure of the home presents an ideal opportunity to separate the living spaces without necessarily building walls. Here we can see how the dining room has been separated from the entrance by a couple of steps. This allows for light to flow throughout the home and adds to the bright modern spirit. It also means that the window views are an interrupted part of the interior decor.

Combination of false ceiling and pitched roof

The various volumes of the home are quite complex. But here in the kitchen, we can see how they intersect in a really interesting way in the ceiling. Note that the floor space in the kitchen is relatively small for a kitchen with such a big spirited feel. This is largely due to the monochrome lower half and the bright, attention grabbing upper area.

Exposed timber peaked roof

In the casual dining room, we also get a good view of the exposed timber ceiling beams. Again, they draw attention to the height of the home and give it that awe-inspiring quality. The furnishings are simple, bold and uncluttered. They also emphasize the curves and earthy comforts that define this vibrant modern home.

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